Which pump do you perfer?

For all of you pumpers out there, which pump do you use/prefer?

Im getting a pump in a week and Im pretty sure im using the Animas Ping…
I just want a few tips before I make my final choice. Thankx

I heard that MiniMed has been around the longest but a lot of people are now switching to the Animas…

Well, thats just what ive heard. I have just been diagnosed and I dont know much about pumps.

Here’s an interesting article from a few years ago looks like Minimed’s market share is declining and Animas is growing…although Minimed is by far the leader. http://www.research.hsbc.com/midas/Res/RDV?p=pdf&key=y8f6w0euwd&name=121747.PDF …P.S. I just got a new Ping can’t say enough good things…going with either Animas or Minimed you can’t go wrong.

I know that the CoZmo is out…it was in the news. I personally dont care because i dont like that pump anyways :confused:

I dont like the Omnipod either. My only real 2 choices of the MM and Ping…but I favor Ping

just the fact , that you choose pumping over shots does it for me …so congrats …and a short answer to follow your question : I use Medtronic 522 and I like it :wink: …pumper since 2001

All the pumps are great. It just depends on what features you like best. If you can, have the reps come to your house so you can touch and feel each pump.

I use the MM522, and I love it. For me it is the best choice. Tried the Omnipod, and did not have the best of luck with it. The animas had simply too much scrolling and ‘button pushing’, I also did not like that you had to ‘dial up’ the recommended amount of insulin. With the other pumps you just press ‘OK’ or ‘ACT’ to confirm the recommended amount, and it delivers…no need to manually put it in. I know it sounds like such a small thing, but I know it would have bugged me over time after constantly using it.

The screen on the Animas was nice, but I heard from quite a few people that it was hard to read outside.

I LOVE the Carelink system MM offers. The information it provides is wonderful. I am a very visual person, so seeing everything in the way Carelink presents it is great.

Obviously, Medtronic is a huge company. Most things you see in a hospital is made by them. There is some comfort in the fact that there is a lot of money backing them. However, I wouldn’t leave that to make a final decision.

Good luck with your choice.

I am trying to have a representative come to my house and actually my mom called the company today and a rep. is supposed to call us back. He is local and might be able to come over and show me the animas pump. my cousin has the minimed, but shes younger then me. She likes it but Im trying to find the right one for me…
is it true that the animas has a lot of problems when you own the pump?? I kid in my school has the animas and has problems like every month.

I’m another minimed fan. I’ve only used the minimed, so I can’t compare it to the other pumps. Their customer service is great, and they have been helpful when needed.

I think you have to find what works best for you. I chose MM because my doc at the time was a type 1 and used MM. I did look at others (Cozmo…liked it, and almost chose it, but they are going out of business now. Omnipod was relatively new when I started pumping, so I decided against it because there was not a whole lot of info out there on people who were using it. I loved the idea of no tubing, though. I know someone whose daughter wears a pod and absolutely loves it)

So, talk with the reps, ask lots of questions, and see which one you’d be most comfortable with.

I really favor the animas because of the features like 500 item food count from calorieking.com. But, im going to also meet with a MiniMed representative too so I can compare the two.

We are trying to decide between the ping and the mm as well. My son will be 11 in April when we start pumping. Not sure which one to go with either. I am leaning toward the Animas because it is waterproof…he loves to swim all summer. He REALLY wants the omnipod because of all the hype- but the endo said there isn’t enough science to back it up as far as reliability…Any thoughts for an eleven year old?

I deffinetly think you should go with the Animas Ping. It is designed for the younger ones like me and him. Its cool, comes in different colors and you can program 500 different foods with their carbs in the pump! It is also really simple and i know so much about it because my friend has it. He loves it and im sure if you convince your son and tell him all the great things about the ping he will change his mine :).

I guess a loaded question …because everyone has pros and cons for any PUMP …the H2O proof , unless you go down …how many feet ?? not likely a concern in any case …one can always disconnect up to one hour . I know a young chap in my community who coaches swimming and he wears a Minimed …Nicolette …your CHOICE …have FUN and Live Well and LONG .
( pumper of 8 years , living with diabetes for 26 years )

I think you should go with what’s best for you. You are going to have to pay a lot of money for whatever pump you choose. There will be plenty of different replies about different pumps. What works for me, may not work for you. Good luck and let us know what you decided to go with.


Does anyone know when the CGM feature on the Animas Ping is coming out?? I looked everywhere and I can’t find my answer!

I have used both. You have to decide which of the wonderfull apps are on both. I left Animas, a hard decision because I like some aspects of it. Bolus delivery is much quicker, smaller dosing, supposed water proof. There are a lot of good things about Animas,but I got tired of having to replace my pump every year. I can’t say at this time if Medtronic is any better, but have heard good things. Animas has an excellent customer service department and seems completly capable of getting a new pump out the next day.There are somee things I like about the Animas which are not on minimed and vice versa. Animas needs to catch up with cgm. Your decision has to be made by which bells and whistles appeal to you, Both are good pumps. Keep in mind the Animas water proof gaurantee is only going to be good as long as the body has no cracks. I tested that and it held up well, but the pump still had to be replaced every year. I didn’t like that.You will find I believe that the 500 item food count is something you retain very quickly anyhow . Good luck and I hope you have better luck than me if you decide on Animas

Thanks for information but what is your MIniMed like. Do you like it better?..what are some of the features you really enjoy?

I like the bolus wizard on the paradgm, I like the continuous glucose monitoring that goes with it. I was fortunate my insurance covered this part at 100 percent.From what I here that is not normal. Animas should have that option going soon also.It also comes with one touch ultra meter which links with it. seems kind of bazar considering Johnson and Johnson owns Animas now. They did however give the ping 2 way communication the paradigm is only one way. There are suttle differences between operation of the two I got used to Animas and find certain things about minimed that I had to get used to, before I liked it. Both are good pumps and whichever you choose I am sure you will be happy

I currently have the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, it is out of warranty and I am trying to decide between the MiniMed and the Animas Ping? I had my mind set on the MiniMed because when I got my Cozmo I did not chose the MiniMed and wish I would have because of the problems I have had with the Cozmo this past year. I just got my new Cozmo right before my warranty expired in February I have had it two months and have had nothing but problems. The the cartridge is low 50 units or below, it is does not pump insulin as well as it does with a full cartridge which causes my blood sugar to rise. Also when the battery is anywhere below full it gives me error messages that say blockage detected until you change the battery. Very frustrating. I want a reliable pump not one that needs to be replaced every year or two. Having diabetes is difficult enough without having to deal equipment issues. The Animas Ping has one feature I like that it send the blood glucose from your meter to your pump. However, I feel I made the wrong decision when I got my first pump even though the Cozmo was a good decision at that time. Any suggestions of which one is better option?

Im chosing the Animas Ping because Im a new pumper and i think the ping would do nicely for new users. You should probably go with the MM because it has the CGM and i really like that feature…good luck chosing and tell me what you decide!