Just got my MM Guardian yesterday!

I am seeking advice from those of you out there who have experience with the MM Guardian CGM. I am looking for advice on where is the best place to put the sensor. I would like to find the best place that is going to give me the most accurate readings as well as be the easiest place to insert with one hand by myself. I have not had my meeting with my trainer yet so until I do I will gather as much information as I can.

Wherever you can pinch up an inch or so of fat is fine. The abdomen is easiest, but if you are also a pumper it can be challenging to come up with enough sites. I use the area closer to my belly button for the CGMS and the outer area for my pump. My diabetes educator also said I could try the upper thigh or side of the hip. But I’m worried I might put pressure on that when I sleep, which will throw off your readings. First and foremost, keep in mind that we are all “guinea pigs” for this first couple of generations of CGMS. They are learning a lot from our issues and the next round will be much better. So be patient and be persistent in asking questions of MM - speak to a supervisor if necessary because they have a lot of inexperienced help desk people that just read elementary solutions off a script, and that can be frustrating.

Thank you Angi I will continue to gather as much information as I can and all of us can work together to help educate and inform these CGM manufacturers.

Right now, I have mine on my right side. 8 days ago I had it on my left side. As Angi said, we are all guinea pigs in a sense. I experiment on myself. With my sensors as well as with my infusion sites. Trial and error. Call is what you want. What ever works for you might not work for me, but might work for Angi. It’s kinda like diabetes. It is a VERY individual thing, since we are all so different. All I will say is good luck, do not get too frustrated, do not expect too much, and lastly, DO NOT GIVE UP. I am not going to let diabetes beat me. I will fight it to my last breath.

Thank you Ron I will not let diabetes beat me either! I will do my best to find what works best for me but all the input from you all will help me with ideas and paths to my goal.

Thank you,