Where do you put your CGM sensor?

I just started CGM’ing and pumping. I put my first couple of sensors on my belly and yesterday tried my thigh. So far, so good. Where else have you put your CGM sensor?

They told me just to have it on the same side of the pump - not necessarily next to it. Even if I have my site on the opposite side of my body, I just make sure I wear the pump on the same side of my pants as the sensor.

I’m had the MM pump and sensor for a longtime. I’ve been surprised at what the sensor will transmit through (A solid chair or my body, for example), but at how short the distance. If my sensor is in my left butt cheek (as it is right now), the MM must be hung from one of the belt loops on my left side. So, right now I’m almost sitting on the sensor (outside upper left butt cheek) and the MM is right above my front left pocket - all is good. If I moved the pump to the right side, I’d lose signal.

I don’t ever put the sensor in my belly for 2 reasons, first I find it uncomfortable and second, that’s the best place to put the infusion set and I’m out of belly interstate.
I usually put the sensor in my upper thighs, but also around as far back as I can reach/see. I have to be careful with this, though, as pressure on the sensor can cause the sensor to predict lower BG than what’s happening. That’s only a problem for me when I sleep, must put a lot of pressure on my upper backside when I sleep.
I’ve also tried the sensor in the back of the upper arm, didn’t like it there. The infusion set goes fine there, though.

Only reliable spots for me have been belly and hip. My behind would probably work but I can neither reach with both hands nor accomplish the task one-handed! Would one or more of you be willing to post instructions with snapshots of your single hand technique?

As mentioned by others, I definitely find that keeping the pump fairly close to the transmitter is essential for good connectivity.

Does it bother you to sit on the sensor when you have it on your butt cheek - sitting in a chair for example- do you notice lots of pressure on it? Is it painful?

Would love to see pictures as well if anyone is willing to post.

My first sensor was in my stomach but now I use the backside of my upper arm. The one handed removal of the serter and needle is a challenge but I uasually have someone around to help. My 11yr old daughter looks forward to my sensor changes cause she seems to really like helping me with this. My little nurse!

I sleep on my side - do you feel lots of pressure on the sensor site when you lean on it or sleep on it?

I only sleep on my sides as well but don’t feel any pressure on it when I lay on that side. I also don’t have issues with weak signal when I’m laying on it and I clip my pump to the front of my pj’s. If I do however press on the sensor with my hand it is somewhat uncomfortable.

THanks. I was going to try my arm lasy change, but I was afraid to in case I leaned on the wrong way - didn’t want it to hurt. I may try the arm next time.

Tummy, thigh, and my behind within reach, but not where I sit or pant waistlines hit. All good readings. Also in winter, on the back of my arm, but that requires help MOST times.

I put mine on my sides. I have tried on my lower back or upper butt, but I was getting lost sensor errors when I sleep at night. I was told to try your thighs but I don’t have enough skin {flab) and I don’t particularly
want to stick it in my muscle. Also, I was under the impression that the MM sensor had to be close to the pump because the radio transmitter won’t travel through your body.

When I wore the Medtronic sensor I used my thighs all the time. I just had to keep my pump on the same side of my body ie left thigh left pocket or left side of my bra.


I put mine on my stomach, I did try on my thighs too…

I always put my sensor (which I insert MANUALLY - MM gave me the directions) in my upper buttocks. They work well for me there. I’m short on “body fat real estate!”