Just saying "hello"!

I was told I should introduce myself, so here I go…
My name is Matt. I am 31 years old living in CT. I have had Type I diabetes since I was 13, and have been on the pump since I was 20.
I feel that I am sorta in control of this whole thing, but I do have my moments.
My vices are what get me: beer and the occasional gorge on bad food that is usually high in carbs (ice cream, fries, pasta). The engineer in me strives to reduce the variables to find an “answer”, but I have found it is impossible to eliminate everything. Thus, I am stuck with an almost answer most of the time.
The good news is my eyes are good, my feet are good, my general health and weight are good, and my doctor keeps telling me “the system is not broken”, which is great to hear!

I am not sold on CGM yet, but do think with a couple more years I will be on board. (Anybody have anything new on that front from within the last 6 months?)
Contrary to what I have read here so far, I am used to good-natured curious questions from those who learn of my “plight”. I think they are intrigued by the process and by what technology lends to us. I have found that the most annoying thing about having Diabetes is Diabetes itself, along with the times when there is literally no explanation for a spike or a dive.

All in all, I consider myself lucky all things considered. This is merely a bump in the road!
I am here to gain further insight to questions and hiccups along the way, as well as to learn from the experiences of others.

Anyway, hope to get to know a lot of you as I peruse the site!

Hey, welcome Matt! You’ve stumbled on to a great group and I’m sure you will have lots to contribute as well as get!

As for the new technology, if I were on a pump and considering a CGMS down the road, I would just wait until they come out with the integrated system which sounds like it is just over the horizon and the next big leap in diabetes tech. Aren’t you glad if you had to be diabetic you did it in this age of technology?

Hi Matt, Welcome. I too am in CT. I was dx’d at the age of 3 on July 6,1958. Just a few short years ago. haha!!!

Welcome, Matt. You will benefit from a lot of support and knowledge here, but it sounds as tho we can learn a lot from you as well.