Just spreading some joy

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get type2 to come up under category. Just wanted to spread my joy that I am finally getting the omnipod dash system. No more shots whoo hoo!c I am type 2 taking MDI. It’s been such a struggle


Congratulations, @Alley1! I use the OmniPod too, but the older one!

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@Alley1 I just noticed you are new to TuDiabetes! Welcome!

(I’m on a PC) To get to all the different forums, on the left hand side of the screen, click on the word, Forum. Then, click on the word, “all categories” which is also on the left hand side. Once you’ve selected the forum you want to post in (or read), on the right hand side you’ll see “+ New Topic”. Select that and you’ll be posting in that category.

I hope this helps.

Again, welcome to TuDiabetes!

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wow, Alley, your a rare bird - a type 2 with a pump. Good Going!

Thanks so much for the info I just kept pressing category and only type1 lada would come up. I’ll try that next time.

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It’s rare but not that rare type2’s have a progressive disease where the beta cells eventually give out due to hyper use so insulin becomes necessary. Despite this insurance often doesn’t want to pay for pumps even when on intensive MDI I think it’s because of discrimination due to misinformation making type2’s the blame for their own disease. It’s not because of eating sugar it’s because of genetics and insulin resistance.


You’re most welcome. I’m going to ask one of the moderators (@Stemwinder_Gary or @Lorraine or @DrBB) to take a look and see why that happened for you. It will help them, to help you, if they know what device/system you used when only Type 1/LADA would come up.

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I changed your category to Type 2. Not sure what happened with your original attempt to select Type 2.

Good luck with your switch to the Omnipod Dash. Pumps aren’t for everybody but many of us enjoy the convenience and memory of the pump’s electronics. Especially when you’re wondering if/when you took your last meal dose.

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Yay! That is great, welcome to the pump club😊

Could those cases be some of the 10% of Type 2s are misdiagnosed LADA? C-peptide and antibody tests would be needed to (mostly) rule out LADA.

I’m a type 2 (for ~30 years) and am on my 5th pump. I’ve never had any hassles from insurance (4 from commercial insurance, one from Medicare) other than the typical endless paperwork. On two of them they were replaced almost a year early, including my first pump, a Disatronic D-tron (commercial ins.), and the Accu-Chek Combo (Medicare). The Disatronic was subject to a recall and the Combo - well, let’s just say that my Endo and I agreed that it was simply “Ugh”. Insurance never blinked.

I’ve known quite a few folks who are T2 that are on pumps. I think one secret is to have an Endo who knows the process. In my case, I strongly suspect my Endo has staff who know the process.

When I was in Army PA school, they addressed this. We were told (remembering that this is the Army talking, not a med school) that most if not all Type 2’s taking oral diabetes meds will eventually end up on insulin. You are right, the beta cells get tired - “beta cell fatigue”.

In my case, I had to take very high doses of prednisone for a couple of years for ulcerative colitis. That destroyed my beta cells and I was told I was T2.

By the way, the ulcerative colitis went away completely when I changed jobs. Stress will do ya every time.

You guys have all been great with your responses I go for my pump training Friday I hope having basal insulin going all the time will help my a1c as I would forget long acting shots. Thanks again for sharing with me

Great life style change ,congratulations. Nancy50