Just started Humulin 70/30

hey. its been along time since ive been on here. anyways, my doctor just prescribed me humulin 70/30 insulin. ive taken 45 units today, and my blood sugar, at last check was 483. this worries me. i usually, without the insulin, do not run this high. i havent eaten anything extremely high in carbs, and am wondering why this is so high? any ideas?

Yikes! I would suggest you see an endo who will prescribe you a bolus/basal regimen. Insulin mixes are an outdated form of treatment. You really should get your blood sugar down from that level, though somebody else will have to tell you how as I’m not sure how you correct with a mix (I don’t think you can, actually), so you might just have to drink a lot of water, not eat and wait. If you can’t get it down soon or start to feel sick you should call your doctor or go to the ER.

Yikes, I would get this checked asap, your going to get into big issues very quickly if you keep running high. It’s really hard to use the 70/30 insulins and get good tight control, if I were you I would ask for different insulin program. I had a doc try this insulin on me and I think I lasted about a month before saying “no, thanks”, I just found it too confusing and an outdated. I have much better control with “Lantis” a 24hr insulin and my “nova rapid” with my meals…much easier. Good Luck :slight_smile:

70/30 is a NIGHTMARE!! There is no way you can change the ratios, and it leads to unacceptable highs and lows. When I was on it, I used to regularly have a low in the middle of the night nearly every night, and a low at 11:00 which was a half-hour before lunch. So the only option was to snack, and who needs that? The only way you can conscientiously snack is to reduce your meals to snacks also, and I got tired of being hungry all the time. And you are always thinking about what you are going to eat, what you just ate, and what time it is.

I concur with the others who said that 70/30 should be consigned to the dustbin of history. If you go on a basal/bolus regiment, you can regulate your fasting BGs with however much long-acting insulin you need, without worrying about a fast acting insulin driving you low, and you can correct for a high without worrying about the long-acting insulin driving you low later. You need a good chat with your doc, and if he refuses to change, then you need a new doc.

And about the 483 – that is dangerously high, and if it doesn’t come down in a reasonable amount of time, then I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the ER. I have no idea what caused it – maybe you’re coming down with an infection, but it does need immediate attention, IMHO.

You need the book called " using insulin" which explains modern insulin treatment. Then you need a prescription for a basal insulin like lantus or levemir and a fast acting insulin like apidra, humalog etc. And a new Doctor would also be disareble

I would wash your hands and retest, just to make sure the reading isn’t a false high caused by something on your hands.

Otherwise, I agree with everyone else. Get a doctor who will prescribe a more modern insulin regimen (even NPH and a rapid insulin is better than a mix!), and if the reading is real and doesn’t come down soon, call your doctor or go to the hospital to get it down.

thank you all for your concerns and your advice. since 483, i have been no higher than about 188. im going to give it a couple weeks and see what my average is. my employer doesnt offer health insurance so its hard to just go back to the doctor and get a new regimen prescribed. but if the 70/30 doesnt do the job, then im going to have to do something. 483 frankly scares me and it shouldnt be that high ever, especially if im not eating anything high in carbs. again thank you all for your adviceand ill keep you updated as to how the 70/30 is and or isnt working :slight_smile: