Thoughts on mixed insulins?

I am using 75/25 Humalog insulin, which I guess is a mix of rapid acting and intermediate acting. I take 10units in the morning and 8 units in the evening.

I’m assuming my endo put my on that so I don’t have to take any insulin at lunchtime.

But I’m wondering if I’d be better off with just the rapid acting with meals? I find that sometimes my blood sugar starts dropping if I don’t eat lunch soon enough. Also I like to exercise mid-morning and I usually have to eat something before I exercise so I don’t drop too low.

I also take Glucovance 2x a day.


Hi Sweeter,

Some people take 70/30 once a day, but others do better with multiple doses.

Other than lunch time, are your other readings good & how’s your morning fasting BG? Perhaps your morning dose is just a bit high. Have you asked your doctor about lowering it some?

Before you started on 70/30, how were your fasting numbers? Rapid acting may not be enough if your between meal BG & fasting BG was high. Am just guessing, but it seems that you must have had high morning fasting since your endo has you taking a dose in evening.

As a Type 1 on basal & bolus insulins, mine drops if I postpone meals because of the basal insulin.

keep recording your levels, fasting am, maybe a fasting before lunch post exercise and 2 hour post meal dinner. This way we can get a pattern of how the insulin dose is affecting your readings.
If you are continually hypoing after exercise it maybe reasonable to decrease your doses.
The mixed insulin you are on is the best for type 2’s. yours is 25% fast acting, 75% slow acting.
Straight fast acting insulin is predominantly a type 1 insulin.
You need more of a basal/long acting insulin alike what you are on.