Just started on the insulin pump:-)

After 18 long years of taking about 4 to 10 shots a day I finally was put on the pump I LOVEEE it who knew this could make thing so much easier I feel lucky as funny as it sounds I always felt like I was cursed because of the diabetes but like many others I was denied coverage for the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System…In just 1 week my sugars are so normal and the best part of this pump is I feel normal I can eat what I want when I want or skip meals if I’d like for the 1st time in 18 years I feel normal again not having to inject in front of strangers & having them think I am a junkie or something…

Congrats and hope you enjoy pumping as much as I have. :slight_smile:

It is definitely a freedom for those that are ready for it!! Congrats and enjoy!!!

I have just talked to my endo this week about the pump. I have a meeting next week with the diabetes educator as step one. How long of a process is it from here? I am young, taking 6+ shots a day, with NO carb tolerance at all. I am fairly excited about being on the pump and getting my sugars under control! My most recent HbA1c was 12.7%!! That is terrible. 6 months ago it was 10!! so it is on its way up! It is so encouraging to hear that you love what the pump does for you!!! Feel free to contact me :slight_smile: Thanks a mil!!


well I Had to do the pump school online first (after I recieved the pump) it is very helpful it took 2 days about 4 hours each day to finish you learn alot by the way I was practicing using the pump without actually using it I had to see my endo a week later and the same day she put me on the pump my sugars were always out of control before the pump and with the pump you can eat carbs you just have to know how much carbs you are eating and add them to the pump and the pump wizard does the calculating of how much insulin you need according to what you are eating(How many carbs) and how are your blood sugars my sugars were always 350 to 600 before the pump and I never limit myself to what I want to eat now I still don’t limit myself to eating I eat whatever I want as much as I want & skip meals sometimes on the pump and my sugars range in a week from 78- 160 which arent perfect but much better than before and I am still new to the pump so my endo says it will get better hope this helps if anything you can hit me up…

Thanks so much

it sure is thanks a million

its the best I love it I actually got it friday last week and I got the paradigm 522

i get mine on friday. but i still have to do the training.

Congrats its great you will love it training is not that complicated I trained 1st through https://pumpschool.minimed.com/index.tpl for the type of pump I got and practiced with the actual pump but with no insulin of course took me 2 days 4 hrs each day then when I went and saw my endo I basically knew everything pump school was very helpful good luck and again congrats:-)

I start on the pump on Sept 30 Im really looking forward to starting.I have done alot of work to finally get on the pump Im alittle nervous about it but also cant wait to get things going. Good to hear your happy about pumping Im sure i will to. Congrats

Congrats 2 you as well you will love it makes life so much easier 4 us diabetics don’t worry nothing to be nervous about yo will do just fine let me know how it goes when you get the pump:-)

Thanks, I sure will, take care

I am not to sure how you can get it without coverage, what I do know is my endo is so cool that things my insurance wouldn’t cover she just gave me talk to your endo maybe she can do something for you they always get tons of extra supplies and give them to patience without coverage hope this helps

check out www.ipump.org

To Tiffany,
I think that Medtronics has a program that can help you get a pump. I think that they set up a payment plan.