How long did it take after diagnoses for you to "get pumping"

hi my daughter Allison age 4 was diagnosed oct,5 2007.I have been looking into pods and pumps for her.I think I’m ready to get her started.when I told her about it I explained that it would mean no more shes excited for one.I’m from pennsylvania .I keep reading that some people had to wait a yr others I read sooner.we have an appt monday march 3rd with her other question is, if you knew you were ready how do you get the endo and insurance companies to beleive that ? that is if they think your not ready.thank for anyones input : )

once I knew, I was on the pump in 2 weeks. I have really good insurance through my company. Some insurance companies require a endo’s letter of medical necessity (easy to get) others require blood tests.

lol, by the way, it took me 29 years to “know I was ready” so maybe my answer should be 29 years and 2 weeks! =)

Good luck

My endo recommended the pump from my first appointment. I ordered it 2 months after diagnosis and was pumping by 3 months after diagnosis. But I have been very well read and researched on diabetes since I was diagnosed and my doctor could tell it would be a no brainer for me. I think it might be a bit more difficult to convice the doc if you don’t “do math” and are not comfortable with technology.

As for insurance, my policy specifically stated that one had to be on MDI for at least 6 months before they would approve a pump. They seem to not follow their own policy because I got approved with no problems.

i was on shots for 16 years----pumping since 1990—not a good comparison—BUT if one of my children was diagnosed, i would get them on a pump as soon as possible…would even consider putting them on one of my old ones if i had a dr that didnt agree.

I have been a type 1 for 41 years and only pumping for 5 and I truly believe that the pump is the best form of insulin delivery and a way to lead a more normal life.

I have know an online mother of a diabetic for 6 years and her daughter was diagnosed at 8 months and she was pumping at 1.5 years and she still remembers that she does not want to ever go back to shots. Breaks my heart when I hear that, but I know for her pumping is soooo much better.

Just remember that a pump is not a cure and with diabetes every day is different and it is still an artificial means of juggling food/insulin/exercise = good numbers.

Please get her on the pump and remember you can always go back to shots, and most insurance companies pay for the pump and if you have to convince your endo., you have the wrong endo.

thank you for replying.I actually meant to put in there that It is not a cure but thank you for bringing that up.I know that the pump will help.we just had an emergency with her 2yr old sister today that is non D.she fell down our stairs of course it scared me ,but I couldnt take her to the hospital not 5 min away becouse I had nobody to go over to allisons preschool to giver her the shot.her sister ended up being fine,but the "what if "factor came in to husband works a half hr drive away.and my mother and mother inlaw are unable or unwilling to step in to give shots.thats another reason I want a pump,Im hoping it would be easier for someone to step in to take over if something comes up that I can’t get to her to give insulin.

I started insulin 2 weeks before Christmas and was pumping at Easter . He also mention it at my first visit He is very Pro Pump .

I knew I always wanted the pump.When my husband got a better job we decided we would do it.I have insurance for the supplies but the pump was paid for out of pocket.I just told my doctor my wish to start pumping and I ordered my pump (through lots of research).I had been taking injections for 22 years.What a difference to not having to inject 4 or 5 times a day.

I was dx in 1945 and pumps came along in the 1980’s (I think). In the 1990’s my control was improving and at the turn of the century I had great A1c’s. I still wanted to try a pump. My doctor saw no need for one. I had to get permission from another doctor. I started pumping on 6/19/07 , 61 years after my diagnosis. LOL! Pumping is great! If an old geezer like me can do it, anybody can. Trouble is you have to get a doctor’s permission and you need insurance coverage because pumping is so expensive. Your insurance company may turn you down. Medicare turned me down but my secondary health insurance plan covered everything in full. I was very lucky!



My daughter was diagnosed in Aug, 2007 and was pumping 6 months later. We’re on our 2nd endo now but both had suggested waiting a year. What got our 2nd and current endo to give in was the fact that she had 4 seizures in less than 4 months. With that record her insurance company approved it with no problem.

I have been told by my old endo that it is much easier for a type 1 or a child to get a pump. If you are a type 2 then it is a waste of time to even attempt to get a pump. I am a type 2. My insurance policy states that all they have to cover is weight management, medications and needles. I am going to keep fighting for the pump until the insurance company say yes. I am going to see a new endo this week who is on a pump so hopefully they are willing to fight a little harder.

thank you everyone for your input.we do have ins.both blue cross and gateway (secondary)for her.cross your fingers for them to give me the go ahead for a pump.and yes shes type 1.her appt is tommorrow.I have been doing everything they say

Hi Rhonda,

I decided I wanted a pump about a year ago. My doctor at that time didn’t think I needed it (he had strange reasoning I won’t go into here). I ended up switching docs to one who better understood my medical conditions and my desire for a pump. In December we pursued insurance coverage.

I am a slightly special case, I don’t have Type 1 OR Type 2, but I do have diabetes (CFRD) and I have normal C-peptide levels. Now, since insurance does not understand my rare case, they are refusing to pay for the pump since I do NOT have Type 1 in their book of rules. I am not the only one out there with this issue. I recently ran across a mother who’s son has Type 1, but normal c-peptides (on the lower side of normal), and she is going through the same fight I am.

I suggest finding out the rules and regulations of your insurance company. That way you will know what you have to prove to them ahead of time. Oh, and GET IT IN WRITING if you can! But if for some reason they don’t want to pay, fight like hell. I can give you some advice if you ever come to this point, which I really hope that you don’t! :slight_smile:

thank you ,thank you , thank you!!! you all have no idea (or you much support this makes me feel.we went to her appt. and I had so much research with me that my hubbys shoulder hurt from carrying it just say I was ready to push the issue if necissary (sorry spelling).I’m glad I that I had done the research and with all of your help.this endo is not really into putting children on the pump before a yr.(I have my reasons for wanting to put her on early)the endo tried to test me,on the sly.and afterwards decided to go ahead with letting her get on the pump.yay…! we have to go to a prepump class.then on june 28 ,her next appt if we still feel the same then she will get on the pump.I would like it to be sooner,but hey I’m willing to compromise .: ) thank you all for responding to my post .can I say thank you again : )

Congratulations! You’re both going to love it!

Ok, what is with having to wait? I was told " you need to keep track and count carbs when your on the pump"…So my question back was"and that is different then what we’re doing now because…???"

IT"S NOT , duh…I know that it’s a good idea that we know how to do shots if needed incase of pump problems, but really, if someone knows they want it why not…

Also have you looked into a 504 plan to help out with shoots at school?

yes Ive been looking into 504. she will be in the same preschool next yr.they already know what to do if she goes low and they have been counting carbs.they told me they are willing to learn the pump .(thats one of the reasons among many that I wanted to get her on early)I asked the endo monday about helping with a 504 ,and she said that the preschool is doing a pretty good job right now.but I will be starting the arrangements for a 504 begiining of next school year ,for when she goes into kindergarden.I kinda got lucky,my husbands aunt just got a position as a teacher at the school.shes is going to help me fill it out .(she teaches special education)shes used to these kind of forms for her students.allison doesnt go into kindergarden untill the following yr.but I want to start the process of a 504 early just incase I run into problems.sorry this was so long .lol