Just started the Dexcom CGM what are the alternative sites

I’m just starting the Dexcom CGM (on day# 6 to be exact). What are some alternative sites and how should the sensor be positioned for this alternative sites. Also, I see where some are using the sensors beyond the 7 day mark; does this have an effect on the actual sensor site. In other words, if you leave the sensor on for more than the 7 days will you have excessive scarring and bruising???

I have found no difference at the sight if I leave it in for 3 days or for 14 days- I have a little red dot where it was that goes away in a few days.

As far as sites- Any site you can put an infusion set into I have heard of people who have put sensors there! The main thing to think about as far as positioning is: If I move this body part will it cause the adhesive to bend with the body part? If you can minimize the amount of bending the adhesive has to do you will be able to keep the sensor on for much longer.

Thanks, I’ll be trying an alternative site once it’s time to change this.

I try to keep the sensor on for 2 weeks. Sometimes the adhesive fails before time is up, or the wire bends (which seems to adversely effect its ability to read). But barring those things 2 weeks usually works for me without any excess of scarring or decline in its ability to read. Oh... it does itch, though. Good luck with it, Jazzy! I've found it to be a frustrating and fallible bit of technology, but very helpful when it works as intended.

Can someone tell me what I need to do to extend my sensor beyond day # 7? I coming up on day# 7 and I’m getting the 6 hour message that my sensor is about to end. What are the steps to extend this sensor beyond the 7 days???

On your dexcom reciever,

go to "stop sensor"

Click ok,

once the sensor is stopped , the main screen will
“gray” out and you will have no more reading,

Then go to “Start sensor” ,

Click ok and waite the 2 hours , test your blod 2 times and your good to go again.

Good luck and welcome to the Dexcom users family


Congrats Jazzy! It’s a great piece of tech for the data it provides and for seeing trends. Definitely not numbers to use for treating though! I like wearing my sensor vertically on my upper thigh, at about 2:00 from the top of the left, 10:00 from the top of the right. It seems fairly accurate there for me and lasts (usually) more than 2 weeks.I tried it on my upper arm once but kept bumping it into things.

Can you wear jeans with it there? My jeans aren’t skin tight but I can certainly feel them as opposed to my dress pants I wear to work. Also, I ride competitively, and breeches are SNUG but stretchy. ???

I put sensor on my thighs or arms. Yes, I wear jeans, but not tight. Never had a problem.
The current G4 and G5 transmitters are very low profile, so most clothing would likely be fine.

My daughter used to ride competitively. Are you on your horse for so long it wouldn’t be practical to unhook the pump whilst you are in the arena? My daughter did dressage and one day events, it was only the cross country which may have caused problems had she worn a pump. I forget who does this, but someone safety pins a baby sock to the inside of their trousers to provide a ‘pocket’ for the pump.

The official line from Dexcom Tech Support is that the ONLY place an adult can attach their sensor is “above the waist”, so if asked where the sensor was attached, I am uncertain of what their official policy is about what would consider voiding your warrantee, but, I would be careful.

I’m thinking that any action that takes you beyond their recommendations is likely to cause somebody trouble if it is revealed or disclosed to them, “so think before you speak”. I find that when I get too involved in trouble shooting issues, I need to step back and script my side of a telephone conversation before I get too involved with the tech support staff on the phone or during an on-site chat.

It seems that no matter how helpful these folks may seem, they still work for the company that provide these product to (or for) us.


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Dexcom support has to follow what FDA APPROVED, based on studies using the stomach.

One time I called Dexcom regarding sensor that failed after a few days. The tech asked where sensor was placed. I said my arm. They asked if this was approved by doctor, and I said yes. No problem, they sent me a replacement, however reminded me that stomach is the only FDA APPROVED site.

Other times they didn’t even ask.