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I just starting using the Dexcom G4 platinum CGM. I have been putting my sensors mainly on my abdomen and hip area. I heard you can put them on your arms. If you have put them on your arms have you noticed any difference in the accuracy of your blood sugars? Do you prefer the arms or abdomen for your sensors?

I alternate arms every 2 weeks and the cgm result is the same as elsewhere. I wear it vertical (plunger downward when placing it) to avoid sleeping on it. On the front side halfway between front and inside arm. I use abdomen for pump insertions.

I use the back of my arms for CGM sensors. I orient the sensor pointing up my arm. I think my abdomen and arms are roughly equivalent accuracy for sensors. I like to save my abdomen for infusion sites but lately I'm trying to favor the love handles and further back. The back of my arms have fresher tissue for the sensor. I alternate from left to right for about 14 days per arm.

I use the backs of my arms and I get very accurate results. I wear each sensor for 14 days then switch to the other arm. I find this location works great, is out of the way, and I often even forget its there. I insert with the sensor facing down, that way I can do it one handed without help. (if it faces down, the plunger will fall out by itself when the side tabs are pinched. Lots of youtube videos on how to do this). I previously used the MM sensor and I usually wore it on my outer thigh and will probably do this with the Dex when warmer weather and sleeveless shirts return.

I never use the abdomen. I find my results aren't as accurate and the sites tend to get sore. It just isn't comfortable. I try to save my stomach and back for pump infusion sites.

I much prefer the backs of my arms. The accuracy is the same, and they adhere better and longer there. After about a week, I dab some skin-tac on it and get 14 days of excellent adhesion. My record is 22 days. My preferred method of insertion is to take one arm and raise it around the back of my head like I'm scratching my opposite ear. I place the sensor as close to my shoulder joint and my armpit as possible on the raised arm, inserting the filament towards my shoulder joint. When I lower my arm, it ends up at the very back, well out of the way of the risk of getting bumped or ripped off, and I usually forget its even there.

Have you noticed any less accuracy with keeping the sensors on for longer then the 7 days Dexcom recommends?

Are the readings from your thigh just as accurate at those from your arm? I hadn't heard about putting it there. Have you had problems with it getting bumped or ripped out with it being on your leg?

I find that the sensors typically maintain the same accuracy right up to the point where they begin to fail and you start to get periods of ??? and "drop outs". At this point I change them. My most recent batches have been running around 14 days, but I have had batches where the sensors lasted 18 days or longer.

I don't have any accuracy problems with the thigh. I usually wear the sensor on my thigh during the summer months because jeans do tend to rub it and annoy me. The adhesive on the Dex is pretty good but I always use skintac and then around day 6-7 I put some opsite flexafix tape over it. I have never had a sensor last less than 14 days. And they were all just as accurate on day 14 as they were on day 1. I'm sure I could go much longer I just get tired of looking at the ratty tape and pull them after 14.

I find that accuracy actually increases in the second week. For me the "???" and drop outs will start in the third week, and that's when I change them.

Yes, I agree. Accuracy gets better the longer I wear it. It just eventually stops working, with the ??? around day 17/18.

My son wears DexCom sensors on his arms and thighs. We switched from buttocks when he was on the Seven Plus system and noticed accuracy improved. The increase in accuracy from the Seven Plus to the G4 is so great, that is the more obvious factor in accuracy; we don't notice a difference based upon where the site is.

Thanks for this.

Will be moving to the G4 when I get the vibe in August 2015.

I know this has been discussed in the past but since this is a “fresh” conversation…I’m going to start bolus insulin soon and will be getting a Dexcom. I noticed people mention different products for getting good adhesion. What do I need to stock up on to get as many days out of the sensors as possible?


I've been looking into this myself today.

It looks like people have some success with skin tac, tagederm tape, or opsite flexifix.

I've heard another cheap fix is unscented anti antiperspirant deodorant which can help with long term stickiness!

I'll be using this approach when I move over to the G4 next year.

Hey great idea Buckley, thx for the link, I haven’t looked at youtube yet but figured I would need to at some point to watch application videos:)

I have been so happy with the sensors on my arms, I haven’t considered going back to the abdomen. I would like to try the thigh but had more problems with injections there so haven’t yet. The sensors stick so much better on my arms, that sometimes I have trouble removing them. I just “paint” the sensor adhesive with skin tac and go with it. I change every two weeks because I worry about potential irritation if I leave it on too long. So far no problems. Accuracy is great.

Oh it's a very useful resource. If you're ever looking to do anything, you can almost guarantee somebody has done it and posted a video of it on youtube ha :)

I find it useful for mechanical stuff, DIY, reviews of diabetes products from long term users. Hundreds of dexcomm tutorials on there.

Or just things like this..


Skin-tac: I wonder if this is available in Canada? I am having the hardest time keeping my CGM (Dexcom) on. I’m very active and workout 1 sometimes 2 times a day…and I can’t keep the adhesive from peeling!

My current routine:
Wash the area w soap and water, blow dry it, stick on the Dexcom, cover with a clear medical flexi tape (strait medical tape gives me a terrible reaction). I used Skin-Prep, but I think that made it worse, not better so I stopped that.

I love my Dexcom, but I wish the company would use the same adhesive as Omnipod–I have no trouble keeping it on!!

Hey Jennifer - it is absolutely available in Canada: I get mine from Amazon - in fact, I’m on the same bottle since I started using it two years ago.

I used to go through all the hassles with tape and it never really worked very well. Now I put skin-tac on it a couple days after first insertion and then touch up as needed and get a solid two weeks stuck securely to the back of my arm. No tape ever needed. I’m also very active, and I find it almost impossible to sweat it off.

Remember - the Ominpod is designed to be worn for three days. Not an entirely far comparison, as the Dexcom also does a fabulous job staying on for the first three days without any help. :smile:

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