Just wish I could find answers

I have been struggling for the last year or so with a treatment plan that just doesn’t show any changes. I started on Byetta 10mcg about a year ago along with 500mg of Metformin bid and 2 mg Amaryl bid. My A1C came down 0.2 (WOW) now its 6.1. My sugars range from 115-180. Have not lost any weight with the Byetta.

Have had alot of stress with my husband’s company making big paycuts vs layoffs and our new insurance this year is really bad and we pay alot out of pocket, so in turn we hold off going to the DR untill we absolutely have to or they won’t refill our meds. I just don’t know if the cost of the Byetta is worth the tiny change I have seen.

Between the stress, the aches and pains and some depression, I feel somewhat lost. My 21 yr old son who I love and look forward to the end of the college year so he’ll be home,ended up with an internship in Aberdeen,MD about 2 1/2 hrs away.
I just miss him alot.I know I need to exercise more but its hard when everything hurts. My joints are recovering from a bad reaction to Crestor to lower my LDL which did come down from 110 to 81 but not worth the pain I got from the drug side effects.

I guess everyone has their story, I just hope to find someone here who may have found something that helps that I haven’t thought of or maybe I’m just doing it all wrong.

I wish I had an answer and could help you. I dont take Byetta, but I am sure many other TU members will help you that have the experience and/or knowledge. I do hope you feel better really soon!

Welcome to TuDiabetes. I see you’ve already joined the Byetta users group. There are a lot of knowledgeable people that can give you some good ideas. I have no experience with that one. Things can be frustrating when your pain management is a little out of whack. I seriously doubt you’re doing it all wrong. Your A!C and bg numbers seem pretty good. Sometimes it takes experience to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Hi Joanne,

Sorry Byetta hasn’t helped you. It seems to work for many people, but everyone’s chemistry is different. Also sorry for the all frustration. It is soooo frustrating:(

Lowering carbs is the best way to lose weight & have better BG control. There are many discussions here you can search on restricting carbs. Jenny’s site is wonderful http://www.bloodsugar101.com. What we were all told about 45-60 carb meals plus snacks isn’t a prescription for health. Everyone I know who eats low carb loses weight & has improved A1c. And, you don’t need a doctor’s appt to do this on your own!

Another option if Metformin & Byetta aren’t helping is taking insulin to get your numbers down. Given the side effects of other drugs, insulin is a good alternative. Know many Type 2s resist the idea of insulin & some doctors don’t even suggest this as an option. Insulin will preserve your beta cells, an important added plus!

Hi, Joanne. I’m also worried that the Byetta may not work out for me. The website that Gerri mentioned above [BloodSugar101.com says Byetta helps only about 30 percent of people. Yikes! My doctor keeps telling me it will happen, it will work, give it time.

I’ve really just started and the numbers are now steady but way higher than yours. In fact, your numbers all look pretty good to me. Your A1c is well below 7.0, a 115 to 180 range is again much better than my current numbers. I don’t know what your goal numbers were, but it seems like the Byetta just may be working to stabilize your numbers, no spikes, etc.

As long as the numbers are generally moving in the right direction, I think you’ll be okay.

Just as we’re in charge of our diabetes, we’re also in charge of the weight issue. One young, pretty yoga teacher I knew told me that I would lose the weight when I decided I didn’t “need it anymore and let it go.” That sounded kind of cryptic/new age/spacey to me at first. But now it makes some sense. Just as food represented comfort to me, so too did the weight. Didn’t have to do anything, didn’t have to work at getting healthy or more fit. Bowl of ice cream in front of the TV — good stuff. Just take an extra Glyburide. Who was I kidding!

Anyway, I think you’ll know what to do and being here means you haven’t thrown in the towel yet. When I eat a meal after I take the Byetta dose, I now try to help the drug: I watch for that specific moment when I just begin to feel a little full, and then try to stop myself from overeating.

What I’m working now is getting more sleep — I’m Type II and an insomniac. And keeping the lights on: i.e., trying to focus more on what’s right and not so much on what’s wrong in my life.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

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