Better now

Had a total meltdown at my CDE (and nutritionists) yesterday. She helped me find a new doctor and I got in to see her the same day. My old doc just wasn’t taking diabetes serious enough, but the new doc is a CDE as well! Wow! What a difference. OK, I know I have cheated, but I have gone a full week without cheating and I just couldn’t get a bg level below 180. My old doc said keep the appointment in another month, and my new one (who is really a Certified Physcian’s Assistant), got my old test results and looked at the testing I had been doing, my food diary and put me on 5mg Byetta immediately to see if it would help. Well, all I can tell you is I woke up with an overnight of 151 this am, and before breafast, (after metformin) 71 bg! Below 100? I couldn’t believe. Can’t wait for my next meter check. My first ray of hope since diagnosis about 2 months ago! Why no A1C? Insurance won’t pay for it for another month… So doing much better. Only side effect is a really uncomfortable full feeling. So, cut down on the amount I ate and no problems.

She also said depression was a medical side effect of diabetest that is not under control. Imagine that?

Moral of the story… If your doc isn’t taking this as serious as you think, change docs. Ask around. Find someone who is as interested in getting your bg under control as you are.

One side effect of Byetta is it makes you feel full and somtimes you get sick to your stomach from it. Also you can get some lows from it too, so watch for those.

thank you for the warning. I have been told if you use your thigh as an injection site, it helps with the nausea. I understand that this only last a little while. It does make you feel full, so I just adjust my meals to such. It wouldn’t hurt me to lose 100 lbs lol. But I will keep a close watch on my bg to make sure it doesn’t drop dangerousely lot.