Kaiser insurance and pumps

So quick question. I have kaiser HMO in GA and I will be having a phone appt. with my endo tomorrow. Do you guys think that Kaiser would cover me at this point? I wanted to know if I should ask my endo or not. She said that since I am making some insulin myself to stay on MDI and metformin. I am not sure if she will go with the pump since I have been doing MDI for a month. I have noticed that for today, and yesterday my numbers are creeping up, tonight before dinner 202. So I don’t know if I should ask yet or wait, any thoughts?

Wow you are off to the races. Lots of people have recommended the pump to me as well. I have pretty much decided that I will fully master intensive insulin managment before seeking a pump. If I don’t understand how to drive everything manually, then simply having everything hooked up to buttons won’t really be as effective. I also am faced with an uphill battle for a pump not having a clear diagnosis and not displaying uncontrolled diabetes. You may also find similar obstacles with Kaiser who is notorious for stingy care.

Being at 202 mg/dl before dinner is an indicator of a need for higher basal levels. At that level, I would figure in a correction bolus added to the carb bolus for dinner. If this happens repeatedly, that would suggest a change in basal should be considered. Sometimes as a LADA, you will have highly variable insulin production and you just need to try to be agile in handling things. If you go and up you basal today, it may be too much tomorrow.,

Kaiser in California at least is not stingy about insulin pumps for Type 1s, but they are stingy about continuous glucose monitors. Pumps do allow for much better control than MDI, but you really have to be willing to do all the work it takes to get your basals right, etc. It’s a lot of testing and a lot of charting, but it is definitely worth it, IMO. If you are still making some of your own insulin–researchers who are trying to prolong the honeymoon period always use insulin pumps on their test subjects/patients.

I just started insulin about 6 weeks ago and have no interest in a pump, I do want a CGM but my endo is the one who seemed to be mentioning a pump at every appointment but he told me they don’t really approve pumps until you have been on insulin a little while and prove to the insurance co that you are “trying” he also told me I’m on too little insulin to even consider a pump right now which is fine by me (not sure how many units you are on??) I personally think I will skip all the pump malfunctions and stick with MDIs, at least for a long while.

I am on 44-48 units a day total basal and bolus. So a pump would be alot easier with the three kids and running everywhere all the time, shots are just a pain and being out with small ones is hard enough without that part. I keep a very detailed log of everything I eat, me BS, my total units per meal, and total carbs per meal. I also graph as well on the pc, so yeah I am pretty detailed. I just didn’t know if they would approve it or not. Thanks a lot melitta and everyone for your two sense.

Hi Stardust: With that kind of recordkeeping, you are a great candidate for a pump IMO! LilMaMa uses so little insulin, so I think the MDI is undoubtedly the way to go for her. Pumps really are good if you are on the run, and any mom of three is on the run :slight_smile:

I agree! I take a lot of insulin and have been told by two endo’s that I should get on the pump. I am just not sold on the idea. My skin is too sensative and I heard too many stories where pumping went wrong. I just cant trust a machine to keep me going if I have the option…