Keep Lowering Carbs but Blood Sugar keeps on Rising!

Okay so I am now PAST the point of frustration! My original diagnosis last January of type 2 diabetes eating WHATEVER I wanted my A1C was 6.1. Okay so after diagnosis I lowered carbs to 130 per day and exercised about 20 minutes a day A1C=6.0. After about 3 months my blood sugars were too high with the 130 per day so I lowered to 100 per day and exercised about 30 minutes per day A1C still 6.0. I am now at only 60-90 carbs per day and exercising about 45 minutes to an hour per day to acheive the same blood sugars if not WORSE! I am so frustrated and the diabetes has taken over every minute of my day..I have to revolve my life around when I'm eating so I can ride the bike or run every single time I eat and I am just wondering is it time to consider starting on meds?? I begged my endo at my last appt telling him I AM JUST TIRED! His reply was "if I get on meds I will become lazy" and that I need to stay off meds for as long as possible. I was thinking of going on a very low dose maybe even like 250mg Metformin once or twice a day??

Thanks in advance for all of the wonderful advice I know I will receive, you guys are awesome!

Not to beat a dead horse if this has already been asked, or discussed… but did they do all the proper tests to make sure you aren’t a Type 1 instead?

Your endo should be smacked, telling you you will become “Lazy”,inspite of the fact that everything you are doing is the exact opposite of laziness. He again is assuming that any type 2 on meds is “lazy” and that you fit the mold of his erroneous notions… I would get away from him…As DWQ commented , have you been given the proper testing? Can you get to a university-based endo clinic where they should have more recent technology and, hopefully,more competent, compassionate, and caring doctors?
Flee, flee, flee from this practitioner. He has the grouchiness of Dr"House", but lacks his expertise. Run, run, as fast as you can. Advice from a type 1:. Read Jenny Ruhls blog(site?) Diabetes101.

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I totally agree with both Lizmari and Brunetta’s posts. Get a better doctor, test for type and then get started on meds or insulin depending on the results of the tests. It’s great when people can control (type 2) diabetes with exercise and diet, but when you can’t, you can’t and no need to exhaust yourself. Also no need to blame yourself. Diabetes is, unfortunately, a progressive disease. And if you have been misdiagnosed type 2 when you are LADA, your numbers will continue to rise and you need treatment.

Yeah… I dunno how I missed the rest that the guy said… he’s a jerk. lol Find someone else. heh Lazy my foot! lol

So many adults are first diagnosed with Type 2 when they should be tested for LADA, Type 1. Try to get those tests, and soon. Everyone deserves a quick and correct diagnosis, not stupid comments about being “lazy”.

Hi LiL,

I’m considering a low dose of Metformin also. I have a descent a1c (6.0) but only having about 20-40 carbs per day, if that… If I have a small piece of whole wheat bread (which I don’t anymore) I would spike to 200+ at 1 hour. I will be asking my Dr about Metformin when I go for a regular physical tomorrow. I want to know if a low dose will enable me to introduce a few more carbs without the spikes. Or, should I just continue without the drugs until its absolutely necessary? There is only so much meat/cheese/eggs I can eat :frowning: Sometimes I just want to have a nice sandwich!


I’ll keep you posted on what my Dr tells me…

I was tested when I first went to him and he said that my thyroid disease IS Hashimotos but I am a type 2 diabetic.

Please keep me updated! You sound a lot like me thin type2,…good numbers…good A1C…yeah because we are killin ourselves!! lol I feel your pain.

Sorry, but your doctor sounds like more of an idiot all the time, LilMama. HOW DOES HE KNOW you’re a type 2 diabetic? If he didn’t do a c-peptide and a GAD antibody test, he doesn’t. Most pcp’s know little about LADA and if you are over a certain age they diagnose you as type 2. Having thyroid disease is one more commonality in type 1 (if you have one autoimmune disease you are likely to have more). Being thin and having thyroid disease are indications of type 1; however they are not definitive. To clarify your type you need the tests. Why wouldn’t you want to be sure? If you are LADA, you will drive yourself crazy with diet, exercise, add a pill or two and your numbers will still rise.

Well he told me he did the tests already and that I was a type 2…should I continue to quiz him on the issue??

If you didn’t see the results of the test, I would, LilMama. It’s your right to know what tests are done and what the results are. I never accept a doctor (or the doctor’s receptionist!) saying your results were “fine”. I don’t think most pcp’s would know WHAT tests to do. He may have only done an A1C and thyroid testing. If he won’t do the tests you could get a referral to an endo.

I feel like I’m trying to push the idea that you are LADA; I’m not, I would have no way to know that, but as someone who has been there, I know it takes some pushing to get the correct diagnosis. If you get it and it’s clear that you are, in fact, type 2, you can proceed from there. But the other factors in addition to how quickly your diabetes is progressing (you are talking about January 2010 I assume) and my gut is screaming LADA.

You sound just like me, I eat less of the right foods, exercise for well over 30 mins a day and my bg readings are higher than when I was diagnosed. I am not losing weight either. Am so frustrated and since I am going to see my diabetes educator this month I am not at all happy.

Yes you are not the only one who has mentioned that and I really hope that is not the case because I would love to just be a type 2 lol…oh and my doctor is an endo he’s been practicing for 40+ years BUT I did not see the test results. I have had hypothyroid since the age of 10 he told me I had hashimotos though. I know he did tell me at my 1st appt “I’m going to check your antibodies and see how much insulin you are making” and then at my next appt I asked what type of diabetes do I have? And he said type2. But I will ask again and ask what my results actually were.

So is this just natural diabetes progression? Does it just keep getting worse or what??

Yep, find out specifically what tests were run & get copies of all your lab results.

Meds will make you lazy! What a ridiculous statement. Being hypothryroid is another cause of fatigue, of course. I’m T1 with Hashimoto. Every time my thyroid supplementation is raised, my insulin doses increase to give you an idea of how this effects diabetes.

To chime in with the others. find a new endo if this man isn’t in line with your goals.

Paul, Look into insulin; learn about it. If you’re spiking that way, you may be a candidate for insulin, not just metformin.

LiL MaMa, Ask for copies of your lab reports every time labs are taken. These don’t belong to the doctor, they belong to you. Develop a file. Tell your doctor you need reports when you go on a trip for any docs who you may have to see. If he asks if you’re going on a trip, “YES.” Everyone should have his own lab report file.
And I just don’t think we as diabetics have to take insulting remarks from any doctor. I wish we had an “Insulter Names Repository” so we could help everyone stay away from them!

When diet & exercise don’t keep BG in normal range, meds (if you really are T2) or insulin are needed. One big obstacle is that doctors don’t have particularly stringent standards for what constitutes diabetic BG. You’ll be told that an A1c of 6 is normal when it’s not.

Your journey sounds very much like mine. Your blood sugar control is not ok, but it is not bad enough for a doctor to worry about. And they won’t appreciate how much effort you put into diet or exercise. You have been diagnosed as a t2 which is a diagnosis of exclusion. Even an endo is unlikely to see things clearly.

You need to keep several things in mind.

  1. You may not be diagnosed correctly, but in order to get a different diagnosis, you will probably have to change doctors.

  2. Your desire to set a more aggressive goal (HbA1c < 6%) is reasonable and if you have exhausted what can be done with diet and exercise, an oral medication like metformin is entirely reasonable. If you doctor does not agree with your target, you need a new doctor.

  3. You don’t need an endo to oversee your diet, exercise efforts. You see an endo to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Perhaps you should get a GP who will be more compliant, you don’t need an endo to get metformin.

    ps. Remember, I said T2 was a diganosis of exclusion, you may not be insulin resistant, you may not be helped by oral medications, but you have a right to normal blood sugars.