Keeping the number good

My husband the lovely man he is doesn’t care enough to feed my daughter the right things, so her new report card was 10.1 last timeit was 10.8.

So i have four weeks to get her numbers in check, but i am running into some problems.

I fed her waffles this morning with a tiny tiny bit of butter. But her sugars were 308 this morning and now at lunch(with no snack - she did not want to eat it) she is at 333. I have no clue what is going on and I need to find a better way to feed her that i can control her numbers. Any Ideas?

Yes, as great as our men are, sometimes they don’t get it, do they? LOL…

Is she pumping or MDI? Is she trending up overall? T started to go up overall and had an 8.6 last time (around the same as the time before) so we switched up her insulin regimen and it seems to be working although we won’t know her a1c for another month. Do you see any trends in terms of time of day that she is higher for which you could change her insulin? Or foods that send her higher that you could either avoid or pair with more protein to see if it levels the rise out?

If this is just the past couple of days, could it be that she is coming down with something?

Hope things even out for you soon!

I just saw her doctors a few days ago, were doing 3.5NPH 1H in the morning and 2L 1H at night and 1H with lunch. But no matter what I do now she is just high eating the same things she at before!!! She hates eggs and she hates sausage, but she will eat toast only with butter. i think it’s time to go back to breakn things down barney style. Getting our books out and going over them.

I am fortunate to have most of the next year with out her dad to get her into a ruitine now that she is going to be three in march, have year mark with diabetes and Get her terrible twos out of the way.

I feel like I am all in this alone again. It sucks.


I can sympathize with you on the breakfast foods. Have you tried turkey sausages? Maybe you just need to find the right kind of sausage that she’ll eat. Elisabeth loves pancakes & waffles also, but I try to get the frozen so I can better count the carbs (15 for pancakes) 13 for waffles. I also use the sugar-free syrup which she likes better than the regular syrup (we use Carey’s). Re: the eggs…one daughter will only eat eggs with shredded ham…maybe you could try mixing in different things, or making them in a different form? Elisabeth likes scrambled and “flat eggs” her word for over hard.

I’ve found that when Elisabeth is high, she usually doesn’t want to eat, like you mentioned when your daughter was 333 at snacktime. Other ideas: honey nut cheerios with skim milk? Yogurt with toast on the side? toast with peanut butter, or banana with peanut butter. We’ve found the protein with carbs really helps as another mom mentioned.

We recently got the Diabetic Forecast and my husband really enjoyed reading it and said he felt he learned from it. Is there something like the above that your husband could read and learn from a little at a time?

Hope this helps. Know that you’re not alone and that there are many others who are feeling their way through similar issues as your family.

Take care!

See sophia get thirty carbs for her meals… is it wrong if she doesnt get all thirty? She loves turkey bacon… she can eat 30 slices with out blinking lol well thats an exhaduration (sp) but she likes it. She used to eat eggs only if i ate them too, but that was a while ago so we never did it again. we used to have good numbers when she had a slice of toast, fruit and dannon light and fit yogart. I broke out the carb king book so I can find things to buy for her. I am ont he verge of tears.

If she’s trending high no matter what she eats, maybe it’s time to increase her fast-acting for meals. Taylor’s numbers started going up overall and we ended up stopping NPH, adding Lantus back in (she was taken off because it dropped her too low at night), and increasing her fast-acting insulin at meal times. It’s been working better.

I try to get T to eat all 30 if I can because otherwise she’ll go low (she’s got 30 as well).

Can you call someone on your diabetes team to get her insulin adjusted?

Hang in there!

I am glad i read that!!! cause today no matter what i did she just stayed high! i stuck to it everything healthy! she had one waffle 13.5 carbs, fruit 1/2cup 11carbs, 1/2 tsp Beanutbutter on her waffle. she went from 192 with her 3.5 nph - 1 humalog to 300+ then still two hours later i gave her half her snack cause she was being mean and bretty and kept throwing it… she was still 300+ so I went to a friends house to run ehr around let her swim and be active thinking she would go down with excercise… heck no! 300+ gave her a smidgen of cinnamin she went from 323 to 253. So were like hey… so my friends sons were eating chocolate. One square of a hershey cookie and cream is 7 carbs… so we gave her one piece. she went back up 30 mintues later 300+ 2 hrs later for dinner she was 300+ gave her 2 Lantus and 1.5 Humalog and here it is 2 hours later bedtime and she was 368… gave her the corection. not working!!! I did everything right!!! the doctors make me feel like crap cause my kids sugars are high! I feed her right, I don’t ever go over her carb allowance with out an adjustment.

I want to cry!!! I am crying… they said they want to take her get her sugars down and retrain me like im too stupid to figure this out. I can’t do this any more! I am gunna go i can’t stop crying.

Once DN came out of her honeymoon, she would spike into the mid-300s with cereal for breakfast. So cereal is now only eaten as a dessert. Cause with all that sugar and simple starch, that is what it really is. Even the high fiber, healthier cereals spike her though, if eaten for breakfast. Very insulin resistant in the early morning hours, so we have a higher insulin-to-carb ratio for breakfast. I would try French Toast with sugar-free syrup or sugar-free jam instead of waffles. Although my niece does not have celiac, my sister has found that gluten-free foods digest very quickly. To her surprise, she has found Glutino pretzels (pretzels spike her), Quinoa pasta (a wonder food for her; she can eat double the amount for the same amount of insulin), and gluten free pancakes do not effect her blood sugar. Aside from the Quinoa, I have never tested it. But, with our trusty cgms, I do plan to. Breakfast for her usually is: Scrambled eggs, one cup milk, one slice of toast. Only one slice. Two slices of toast will spike. A Gogurt and half cup of fruit for some reason does not spike her. One slice of toast, glass of milk and cheese. Peanut butter and Jelly on toast; high fiber or low sugar oatmeal (may or may not spike; depends). She is a picky eater and is never hungry at breakfast. Breakfast is usually 30 grams, never more than 40 or she won’t finish it.

Please do not feel this way! Even endos have a hard time deciphering WHICH insulin (basal or bolus) needs to be adjusted. I would guess, if you are confident about how much insulin to give for her meals, it is her long-acting insulin you need to adjust. For us, if we notice corrections don’t move her, we temporarily increase basal on the pump to get her down. And we did not have the challenge of working with a toddler! Ahhh, just read back and saw you were on NPH (“Not Particularly Helpful”). May work well for some, but she was put on NPH at diagnosis. She stayed in the 250s thru 300s until we got her on Lantus and Novolog. On Lantus and Novolog she came into range in two days. Might be, now that she’s out of the honeymoon, you need to move on to MDI. Though I hope you will consider using an insulin pump. I think it would be so much easier for the little one and you in the long run!

I am so sorry too hear you are going through this. I know how frustrating it is when no matter what you do and even though you are doing everything the doctors are suggesting the blood sugars just don’t cooperate!!

Has she been sick recently? Sometimes an illness can make her blood sugars run higher than usual. Has she had ketones?

You are doing everything right and are obviously taking very good care of your daughter, she is very lucky to have a wonderful mother like you. It seems like the doses or type of insulin needs to be adjusted. I hope everything is working itself out and I hope things get better soon!

I truly feel for you and you know everyone here is here to support you

In the middle of the night last night i called my dad crying, this morning sophia had 20 carbs an egg and a sausage… she was at 202 when she woke up, At lunch she was 125. After lunch she was 407. its almost her dinner time and I am going to make her chiken rice and green beans. We’ll see what happens… but back to my dad, he helped me even though he is’nt a diabetic - but his wife is. I have a better grip on some things now, i feel a tiny more confident. I do feel NPH isn’t to much of a help… bet lets see what happens the next few days.
She was sick or is. I am not sure she has animal allergies and i have a dog cat and my friend has animals so she wakes up everyday clog’d up badly. um 8 days ago she had a vicious fever and when it broke she had nausea. but then after a cup of juice she perked up and ate.

A friend of our family is a pediatrics doc. She said that little ones like my daughter are going to have a hard time and that I should follw what the endo team says but not take it personally. But it is hard when someone is telling you that your not compitant to take care of bidnezzz.

If her fasting blood sugar was 202 and she was not high when you put her to bed last night, it is her long acting or basal insulin. You are using NPH. 404 shortly after lunch, it could be her fast-acting or bolus insulin. Your endo needs to adjust the insulin across the board. NPH did not work for my niece after diagnosis AT ALL. After diagnosis and 11 days she was released from the hospital with a blood sugar of 265 (her lowest). My sister, an R.N., was a wreck. She could not understand why the endo could not get her blood sugars down. She never got below the mid 200s on it and was often in the mid-300s. We made an appointment right after diagnosis with Naomie Berrie Diabetes Clinic in NYC. Before we could see them we had to wait a full month. So we were stuck on NPH for the month, calling in for the Nurse/CDE to adjust our insulin daily. Note that we had endo/CDE help daily adjusting her insulin and she was still high the entire month. When we got to Naomie Berrie in July, her A1c was in the high 10s. Within two days of our appointment with them, and a change to Lantus and Novolog insulins she was well in range most of the time. Her next A1c was in the 7s and has been in the high 5s, low to mid-6s since. Considering NPH has earned the moniker “Not Particularly Helpful” says it all. It is NOT you. It is your endo putting you on an older insulin regime. There are better insulins. I agree that it will be much harder for you to manage a little one than an older child. But NPH can be unpredictable. Though with Lantus and Novolog you would need to give her four shots a day. Maybe that is why the endo prescribed it. I am not a fan of NPH. I think you will have much better control if you switch to Levimir or Lantus for basal and Novolog, Humalog or Apidra for bolus insulins. I hope you can get better help from your endo than he is giving you. It is the diabetes team who needs to train you properly AND give you the right tools to manage her disease. Again, NOT YOUR FAULT! P.S. I think these little ones should be put on insulin pumps, maybe even at diagnosis, because four shots a day is a lot to ask of a child that age.

Okay so today she was 116 when it was bed time, gave her 15 carbs. she woke up at158 this morning had her breakfast and then right now she is at 158 :slight_smile: and its lunch time. So I think I figured this out. We’ll keep watching

That is much better :slight_smile: Only don’t get frustrated if you are having problems with the insulins she is using. Just remember there are other options, MDI or pump (highly, highly recommend the insulin pump). And when or if you ever need to, you can investigate further. There are actually some for whom NPH does work; just know that it has a reputation as being a difficult and unpredictable insulin to work with. But you are doing well! Great numbers!

good news!!! for the past week she has been perfecto!! no more than 150 all day no less than 92, well maybe 60 after a bath, but other than that she has been good. tonight past few nights we have been at events and I let her have a few bites of cake but she never got high. we are doing so good with everything.

her dad comes home in a few days and I have to show him the new program. Other than that i think we are going to be okay.

Hello there!
Congrats on your daughter’s improved numbers. I’m sure you feel great relief as do I when we’ve had a rough spell. I can’t remember where I read it, but I read that warm-water baths can cause insulin to work better if you have just given a bolus, so I try to be careful not to give a bolus right before her bath time. I thought I’d mention it since you said she had a low right after bath. Keep up the great work!


the bath water thing is real. But we were told my the doctor to avoid giving her a bath the was more on the warmmer side. Luke warm is safer for her, she kept having lows after her bathes. when we had her appointment for her 4 week check up her ac1 was 10.9 and this time it was 9.1 and in two months they are going to find out how its doing now. we are having good sugars, between 102-201 and thats where they want here. we have had two lows since her appointment and were at .25 unites of humalog cause she doesn’t need so much and they lowered her lantus and her NPH. she is over… better :-).