Keto + carbs without insulin

Hey all.

I have type 1 and do keto. I’ve done it for a while but something recently occurred to me.

If I recall correctly, being in ketosis is a function of insulin, not carbs. So…

If I have a hypo and I treat that with carbs (as I do) am I at risk of bumping myself out of ketosis? I produce almost 0 insulin, so I’d like to think not. For other humans on the planet, there’s a 1:1 ratio between carbs and insulin, so that would be so for most. But for those of us with type-1 who no longer produce much insulin, is this still the case?



When I first tried a keto diet I was also concerned whether this or that would kick me out of ketosis as I had read many non T1D people describing certain things that had kicked them out

However, like you allude to, it is a bit different for us - in that we will not get a sharp insulin spike as a reaction to carbs like a non-T1D would. This being the case it is much easier to retain some level of ketones even after ingesting some glucose to correct our blood sugar level

That said, once you are fully ‘fat adapted’ after a few months, even if you have a bit of a cheat meal occasionally and bolus accordingly such that your ketones drop to near zero, they’ll be back at the usual levels (for me 0.5-1) within 12 hours or so of no carbs