Question about carb intake and insulin useage

First let me start by saying that technically I’m a “surgical” diabetic not a Type 1, but basically the treatment is the same. I still have a little bit of my pancreas left that makes insulin, but not very much. I have been diabetic for about a year and a half now and initially started out on a very low carb diet because I thought that was what I had to do. Since then I’ve learned that I still need to eat carbs to get balanced nutrition, plus I was going insane eating only meat and cheese every day. For my coverage shots, I’ve settled on 1 unit of insulin for approx. every 10 grams of carbs. I have found that if I get the carb count right, I can pretty much eat whatever I want and still have my BG level back down to 100-125 1.5 hours after I eat. There are times now where a single meal might be 100-150 carbs. My question is, am I playing russian roulette with my diabetes right now and setting myself up for trouble later on, or is it ok to take 25-30 units of coverage insulin in a day as long as my numbers are good. My last A1C was 5.5 and I do also take 23 units of Lantus each day as well. In addition, I’m not “overdoseing” as I have not had a hypoglycemic episode in months.


you are not a T1, or a T2, you are what is called an “OTHER” - if you read my latest blog, you can see what i’m talking about. our treatment is the same as a T1, but we don’t have the antibodies that would make us that. and my total insulin is about the same as yours. i’m a 1/10 carb ratio also. i’m also on 22 units of lantus. i hardly ever have any hypos with an A1c of 6.1

Yes…it’s great to be an “other” isn’t it. The biggest problem I’ve had is finding other “others” to compare notes. For me, as indicated by my earlier post, it seems if I get my insulin dose pretty close to correct I do pretty well. Knowing how close I watch what I do gives me a much greater appreciation for the Type 1’s who count their carbs down to the closest gram and still struggle to get moderate control. Did you have to get your pancreas removed or did it just die off from the inflamation as a result of the ERCP? I was lucky enough to not only need to have my gall bladder out, but also most of my pancreas due to necrosis as well as my spleen.

i no longer have my gallbladder (but i have a nice 8 inch scar from it) or bile duct. i still have a pancreas in my body, but it has pretty much died off. if i ever get my combo kidney/pancreas transplant, they’ll take the old one out. and the ERCP (and the block in the pancreatic duct) basically did it all in.