Keto-Mojo vs Precision Xtra for ketones

Ok, so last night my daughter started throwing up. Checked ketones on a urine strip and they were around 25 (these numbers are new to me, I don’t even know what 25 means but my wife does).

I was looking for a blood Ketone monitor and found two online. The Keto-Mojo and Precision Xtra.

Our doctor did write us a precription for one but CVS gave me a blank stare when I asked about it. Went back to the doctor and he said it was the Precision Xtra but I never followed up with CVS (which I will do as soon as they open today). I dunno but no one at CVS seemed to know what a ketone blood monitor was and they only knew about the urine strips.

Supposedly the Keto Mojo seems to be better and the stips are a lot cheaper. Looking into this, I don’t even know if we can get a prescription for one and CVS and Walmart do not have them listed. I did see them on Amazon and tempted to buy but it would be much cheaper with a prescription.

Does anyone have experience using one of the blood ketone monitors?



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Yes, I used the Precision Xtra meter and strips. They are expensive but I thought they were reliable.

Be aware that most pharmacies can order a wide array of medicines and products that do not normally sit on their local shelves. Just ask the pharmacist or technician, “Can you order this?” I got my Precision Xtra strips at my local Walgreens. CVS should have no trouble finding this for you. It’s not a common request, but don’t let that stop you.

Ok thanks. Our doctor wrote a prescription for it and they didn’t seem to know that it checked for ketones. That’s why they never ordered it. They said “you already have a Verio One Touch to check blood that should be enough”. I told them it also checked ketones and that’s when I got a blank stare. Going to call the doctor’s office now and ask about it.


Oh lordy, what geniuses (@ the pharmacy).
You can also order it yourself & submit a claim to insurance if you still have issues with a regular pharmacy. Its not ideal, but it will get you what you need.

I called the Endo today and asked them to specify on the prescription for the Precision Xtra WITH ketone strips and not glucose strips (we have an Verio One Touch for that). So hopefully it will be filled today or by Monday afternoon. It seems that a lot of people are only familiar with ketones being tested with urine and we would much rather test with blood as it is more accurate (from what we have been told). Our 16 year old stayed home with her today and last check her ketones (with urine strips) and blood sugar was within range.

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Hey Bridgesbunch, have you made your decision yet?
I am in the process of buying a new meter and would like to hear your experience. The precision extra strips are indeed more expensive and I wonder if that is smart in the long run. So far i have read many good things about the mojo,

I found this review that compares the two

Anybody personal experience with the keto mojo?, would love to hear about it.

No, never did get either. For some reason CVS doesn’t seem to know what it is so for the meantime we just use the “pee” sticks. Could be an insurance issue as well since we have a Verio One Touch and that is what BCBS wants us to use for finger checks. I assume they also think it’s for blood and not ketones. I would just go buy one outright but haven’t seen them in stores. Kind of forgot about it as well been super busy. Will look into it again.

Some insurance plans don’t cover blood ketone meters/strips. When we had BCBS in Texas they wouldn’t cover. Our current plan also doesn’t cover so we switched from Precision Xtra to NovaMax. The strips are much cheaper & it’s as accurate as Precision Xtra. We’ve compared with several tests.

he following link is a comparison between the Keto-Mojo and the Precision Xtra:

These two links compare multiple models:

This link is from a user who suspects that his Keto-Mojo is less accurate than his Precision Xtra:

However, the review at the link below makes this statement, “The Keto Mojo is FDA approved and meets the ISO 15197 standard. It means that the level of accuracy is the highest in the industry. Other meters on the market can measure ketone levels up to 0.5. The Mojo is able to measure levels from 0.1 to 0.5, making it more precise compared to the other meters on the market.”


I’m looking forward to reading the links above, once my day calms down.

I reached out to @Terry4 a while ago about ketone meters because I had to force the ketone strip into the slot for the Precision Xtra I had purchased from Amazon (both the meter and strips were from one package - so the strips were correct). It didn’t seem right that I had to use such force and Terry agreed. I had no trouble returning it. I did purchase the Keto Mojo and have been happy with everything about it. I’ve never had a ketone meter before this, so the one Precision Xtra that I had trouble with, was probably a fluke. I have read everywhere about how good the Precision Xtra are.

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Any updates Tapestry on your experience with the Keto Mojo?

I am also curious to hear from people who have tried multiple ketone meters (if they had the chance to). I have seen the Dario meter in action at a family member of mine. Not sure if it is to ‘tech’ for me as it works through an app and your own phone is basically the meter. Very interesting though:

I’m still looking for comparison between the main ketone meters out there, if anybody has some recommendations let me know.

I found this review article on the same site for 5 different ketone meters:

Shoot me with your thoughts and recommendations.

@Daniel_B We’ve been satisfied with the meter and haven’t looked elsewhere to replace it. Now, this isn’t to say we’ve used it much in 2019 (wow, where has the time gone!)

We are trying to add more fat into our diet and haven’t been successful. We’ve stopped ketone testing until I know there will be ketones; but when your macros are no where near where they need to be, it’s a waste of a strip. On that count too I’ll say they are of a good value and we found them easy to use. We can’t test accuracy because we only have the one meter. @Dr_BB, @Terry4, @Jimi63 and one other fella I can’t seem to remember his screen name. Anyway, they might be able to weigh in and give you some ideas.