Hi all what causes ketones in urine?

Type 2 since 2.5 yrs


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Ketones are the result of burning fat for energy. With low ketones, this is a normal biological process--ketosis. Most people have low ketones in the morning simply from not eating for hours overnight. People on diets can also register low ketones as they lose body fat.

High ketones are typically from high BG. Without sufficient insulin, or insulin resistance (in the case of T2), glucose isn't transported to the cells for energy. The body reacts by using fat reserves to send more glucose to the cells. Of course, this sends BG higher. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which is different than merely having ketones, is a life threatening condition & usually effects T1's. The body is in a starvation mode as fat, then muscle, is used. With DKA, electrolytes become imbalanced, especially potassium, & there's severe dehydration. Potassium & sodium work together. Blood pH becomes acidic--the acidosis part of DKA. Earlly DKA symptoms include extreme thirst, constant urination, fatigue, dehydration (which leads to even higher BG) & then vomiting (futher dehydration). Untreated DKA results in coma & death. Treatment involves IV insulin & IV fluids with electrolytes & extra potassium supplementation.

Do you have high ketones?

Hi Gerri thanks for your reply
not sure what the ketone level is waiting for my results since last friday
but nurse said she would expect high HbA1c started on 500mg Metformin last october
then upped to 1000mg per day not very good with stomach on it but trying to keep going I thought this medication would have lowered my BG by now?? (this is first time I have ketones in urine)


I've never had ketones tested as part of labs. Interesting this was done. Were your tests fasting? If so, having some ketones would be expected. Did the nurse take your BG? If it was very high at the time, that's probably why she checked ketones. Ketone urine test is an immediate result, so if it was dangerously high she would have alerted your doctor.

There's time released Metformin that's easier on the tummy. More doctors are prescribing insulin for T2's when Metformin doesn't get results.

Tests were not fasting I have never had ny BG tested there and then at surgery only blood samples for the lab urine was tested first and she said I had ketones present she did not say what level I have to wait now for my results for HbA1c will try and cope with the metformin :(

TY for your help


Odd they tested for ketones.

Many have success lowering carbs to lower BG. Meformin can only do so much for some people. Know how completely frustrating it is.