just curious, my daughter was diagnosed 3 yrs ago this march. For the first yr and half we battled large ketones. I researched this problem but never found a solution. The endo finally just assumes that my daughter is just one of though kids who is rare with ketones. It just made it bad in the beginning because we had to explain to the school and the hospital stays, please exuse the ketones.And no, her bg numbers were never phenomal enough to explain the ketones, nor was she dehydrated. Ketones have now seemed to have settled down now, but it is always in the back of my head.

I am a bad diabetic and have not checked my urine once for ketones… and haven’t had a blood draw since my diagnosis in September… Sorry that I can’t be more helpful except for maybe check her urine every 2 weeks or when her BG is over 250 or anything else your doc advises. Stressing/testing beyond this will drive you insane

Were the ketones mild or high? Did she have ketones throughout the day or night? Most everyone (diabetic or not) will have mild ketones in the morning simply from not eating. Ketosis (low ketones) is the natural process of the body burning fat for energy. Maybe your daughter’s a very efficient fat burner.

I was told to check for ketones when BG is over 240 & that’s been thankfully rare. Just drinking water & taking insulin brought things bacjk to normal.