hi i am gettin ketones more and more now do u

how are your blood sugars doing?

If you have had ketones for a while, you most likely need to go to the emergency room! Do you have them all the time?

Hello! I have not had ketones since March of 94 LUCKY ME!

If I get ketones they are usually a trace amount and I can flush them out in about in hour by drinking a lot of water and taking insulin to get my sugars down, but it is rare for me to get them.

I get ketones with a bad site or if I fast to long I also get bad large ones. I get rid of them by injection from a syringe if from high BG and site change as well as water, salt and a bit of protein. I they are from fasting then food makes them go away pretty fast. If I can not get rid of large ones for 2 hours I go to the ER for help and ot make sure my PH is good.
I am more likely to get them during PMS I also go through sites daily during that time also.
This has always been a problem for me since DXD. I think the sites going bad have to do with water retention during that time of the month.

Hope this helps you
be loved