Insulin_Junkie's Got Ketones

Hey Fam,

I’m on the phone with my wife right now and turns out her sight came out while she was sleeping. She woke up with 480. She’s managed to get it down to 380 within the last 2 hours. She still has large Ketones and has an upset stomach +toilet time. Anyone got any good links for how to help rid Ketones?

She should call her endo ASAP. Are the ketones trace, mild, moderate??? When you just have a small amount of ketones, you can get rid of them by taking insulin, drinking water, etc. But anything more than that (and if you’re vomiting) you should probably go to the ER. DKA can happen fast. She shouldn’t mess around with it!

@MyBustedPancreas Thank you. I just got off the phone with my wife. She will be calling her Endo ASAP as you mentioned. It’s pretty difficult trying to help her with her disease while I’m deployed. Thanks for you help!

You should also take larger than normal corrections when your blood sugar is over 200 mg/dl (see guidance here from Walsh). Your body becomes insulin resistant. You may require a correction bolus of 50% more than might be expected.

The other thing about hydration is that DKA causes an electrolyte imbalance, so it is not just drinking water, but water that replaces your electrolytes, sodium, potassium, etc.

sometimes drinking large amounts of water helps

Drink lots and lots of water to flush it out.

maybe wife is doing this already ??.. suggest to use needles for corrections instead of pump correction delivery

Diluted gatorade is better than water because it keeps your electrolytes in balance. Either way, if her BG is staying up that high and she’s alone, it’s better to go to the ER or get guidance from her endo. If she’s vomiting, she can quickly become very dehydrated. Not good. Please let us know how she’s doing!

@bsc : Your mention of the insulin resistence was helpful. She input 6 instead of 4 units and is bringing it down into the 200s

@Erin and Julia : She drank almost 36oz of cool water. THIS helped drastically.

@Nel : She has done this in the past when her pump had been acting strange. Funny you mention this! lol

@MyBustedPancreas: Thanks again. The gatorade trick will probably be really good followed up by some anti-oxidant tea to avoid the ketone oxidation within the blood.


Junkies Man…Thank you for your service!!! Hope your wife feels better soon!

Oh, my get her to ER. Ihad to get rushed to ER back in 2006 and they handled it quickely.

Sounds like she is coming down nicely, Junkie’s. You mention a pump problem. She probably already knows this, but if I am seeing numbers higher than normal that don’t come down I always give a shot with my backup pen and then change the set.

Btw if she isn’t already, invite her to come on here herself! That way she can get information and support more readily if you’re busy.

God touch is wife where those ketones are at and take them away make sure she goes to the doctor God don’t let her wait give her strength at the same time God and at the same time give her husband strength to let him know everything is going to ok just keep watching over is family as he is away in the name of Jesus Amen.

large amounts of water!!! Pee it all out!!

When I was first diagnosed, I had LARGE ketones and they sent me home, telling me to drink 2 gallons of water before I went to bed that night. When I woke in the morning, my ketones were down to Moderate. Then, by the end of the next day they were down to negative. LOTS OF WATER, no food.

Drink lots and lots of water.

Lots and Lots of water! If she is getting stomach pains and or can’t stop vomiting,go to the ER or call the dr. ASAP!