Hey Mike,

I will write this in the discussion section. My T-2 came on like a truck hit me last summer. Yes I was overweight but at dx I was up at 427 BG and a A1C of 14. This all happened within two months. I had plus +2 ketones passing at DX on my urine sample. Looking back on it I was just days away from going into the hospital DKA. I was put on 500 mg of Metformin 2X a day and have raised and lowered it since then. I dont really think the metrformin does a whole lot. Right now I am getting sick from it.

I have gone on Dr B's low carb but after I have been on it I cannot eat what the dietician says I should eat. At times I feel weak and crappy at times but it is improving. Sometimes I dont want to eat or forget to eat.

I am still passing Ketones all the time in the medium color on the sticks. I havent talked to the Dr about it. I am loosing weight so fast that at times it is concerning but I did need to loose. I am down about 75 pounds since DX. I assume the low carb will do that.

What is strange is that I thought I would be able to tolerate carbs better with the weight loss. Its not a good scene and now I really have to watch it as I can just feel myself going Hyper.

I will read your documents on this group. Thanks for your help. Any comments for me? Do I need more medical followup on this since I am passing Ketones? Thanks

You have to allow time for your body to adjust. When I was first diagnosed I was put on insulin. That brought me under control. It will take time also to get used to the food you eat and how carbs react. I have noticed the more excercise I do the better I can tolorate carbs and the metformin doses have gone up and down over the years.

Hi Pauly, welcome to the club! Ketones and ketosis are a natural part of a low carb diet. Ketones are a by-product of burning fats. If your blood sugar is below 200, you aren’t going into Ketoacidosis. Met also screws with the test.

Yeah, I felt crappy too for awhile. I didn’t actually no anything about low carb diets. I was simply responding to the fact that carbs were spiking me and kept cutting out various foods. Eventually, I was so tired that I could hardly get off the couch then like magic, it let up. I also got my first A1c and it was 5.8 so that helped to pick me up, as well. If you feel real crappy, you can raise your carbs and gradually work your way down. This is sort of a long haul so you may as well be comfortable.

They probably told you that the fat was making you insulin resistant and you figured that losing the weight would make some of that go away. Sorry, you’re a KPD and we seem to have a very hard time with carbs.

This is a very long story and I’m going to try to get this all down so we all can know what we’re dealing with.

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Thanks Mike. This KPD kinda sucks. I miss fruit so much but I gotta do what I gotta do. Its amazing, I can actually feel myself going Hyper on high carb foods. I start falling asleep, breath funny , you know the drill. I will read what you posted carefully.

Question, in the minority populations that have this condition are they treated with insulin usually or are they just given diet restrictions?

Thanks again for your help. Take care.