Kidney function

When I was diagnosed with type 2 several months ago , I was in the hospital for congestive heart failure. I was also told that I had 60% kidney function. The nephrologist could not say if this was caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. Are there any test you can do at home to monitor or measure kidney function?

Unfortunatelly, there are no home kits for monitoring kidney functions. But, it has just crossed my mind… Maybe combined urine test strips that can show other paramethers aside sugar?
On the other hand, the most valid results are from your whole blood.
Both BG and BP must be in range in order to keep your kidneys work properly. Avoid proteins, eat small amounts.

Yikes !!! more food groups falling by the wayside…I do eat Salmon and have chicken on my salads etc… I wonder if there is a way to quantify how much protein I can eat… what does the urea etc that you mentioned in your original post measure ?

Hi Phillip.

While it’s nothing to be happy about, sixty percent is not a. really horrible number. A good number of people are born with just one kidney (meaning 50% to start with). This is the same for those folks who donate a kidney to someone else.

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Hi Phillip,
I am sorry that you have kidney problems too. As someone who sits there with you also, I say that 60% isn’t a bad place to be. I have just come through Christmas and the week after in the worst congestive heart failure for me so far. Fortunately I happened to pick up a little food poisoning on New Year’s and vomitted only twice, but had diarrhea for seven days. It was a blessing. The dehydration pulled me right up out of the congestive failure. My kidneys are at about 20% right now But I am not ready for dialysis. I have too much to do. The diet really isn’t that bad. You get plenty of food. I vary things a lot and don’t miss the bananas or the orange juice. We with little or poor kidney function have to watch our potassium intake. But we as diabetics also have to watch our sugar intake.
I have a great diabetic doctor and a great kidney doctor. My blood is checked every two to three weeks for the BUN and Creatinine and also the potassium level. And we have a standing agreement that if 'I" feel like I have a problem coming on that I can call either office and request blood work or ask to come in.
Remember that YOU are the most important part of your health team Don’t be scared about your diagnosis. Take an active part in your own care and make it work for you. I am extremely careful about what I eat and about keeping my blood sugars under good control. I exercise and have fun time and have a good support group of family and friends and people who make me laugh a lot. This is like adding a new baby to the house. I did it five times for my kids and eight times with my grandkids. So I can definitely do it for me. Yes, this all takes time and small steps until you are sure of yourself. But you CAN do it. And when you need a smile or someone to say they understand how hard it gets somtimes I will be more than happy to offer you anything I can. My best wishes to you and lots of good luck with everything you try One thing I forgfot to mention is that whatever the kidney specialist wants you to limit, he will lay it on the line for you so you don’t have to guess. If you need special dietary help, go for it.

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hi Saundra. Thanks for the good answer you wrote above. I am glad you are here with us.

Thanks Steve. How are things going for you? I am hanging in there one day at a time. I have a lot of stuff to get taken care of here at the house, but would love to sign up for some classes at the community college. I feel like my brain has gone dull from focusing so much on me. I am ready to get back into growing and reaching out.
Phillip, if you are on here, we haven’t heard from you for awhile. How are you doing? We need an update. I sure hope you haven’t had to be back in the hospital again.
Stela, are you still here? How are you? I am sure there are a lot more of us out there with kidney problems. They must have just not found this site. I hope all of you are doing well, or as much as possible. Each day we have is a gift. I wish all of us a great day with blood sugars and much love and laughter.

Hi Steve I have so many questions. I can’t figure out how to ask u for a friend request. Plz add me if that’s ok

Hey Vikki, those posts were from 7-8 years ago! Looks like Steve hasn’t posted since 2012, so he’s probably not active any more.

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Thanks Dave. Not loving this new site over haul. Having a heck of a time finding my way around.

Dave do u know if my Gfr was 60 do I need,to follow a kidney diet? This was the first kidney function test that came back like this. My Bun and Creatinine were fine. Microalbumin was 5.6 norm. 2.00. I have no idea about how much protien I should be eating.Or if I should not be worrying about this yet. I would appreciate any info.