Kids, Diabetes and Education

I found this two inspiring stories this morning.

One is about how our youngsters are taking diabetes education on their hands:

Students learn about diabetes:November was National Diabetes Awareness month, and several students at C.J. Hooker Middle School took action to make their peers more aware of the disease.”

The other one about some museum and sharing educative time:

"Young Diabetes Patients Party At Museum:…You can understand what they’re feeling together when you can’t have something or just when you have feelings that you’re all alone with your diabetes. So it’s kind of nice to have people to relate to.”

There is so much potential on events like these two, when schools, hospitals and even museums, take the time to learn and teach about diabetes. Baby steps that get to the community directly involved on creating awareness while supporting our people.


Thank you very much Andreina for pointing this out.Learning at home & at school level about diabetes,healthy life style & sports is very important for young generation,it is adult responsibilities to raise awareness for all public health issues.