School curriculum has to add awareness about chronic diseases: obesity,diabetes,bronchial asthma

I think school curriculum has to add awareness to young students about health & environment.Do you have that in your country?

We have a part of the curriculum dedicated to “Life Orientation”. HIV/AIDS education forms a big part of it. As far as I know, diabetes is not officially included unless the individual teacher decides to do it. I think it would help to have education about basic nutrition and health, although I don’t think that teachers know enough about diabetes to educate others about it. I think it might end up reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes of diabetics.

I think the people on this site know more than the American Diabetic Assn. I have talked to them, and they keep saying “Oh, we can’t give out any medical information or advice” or “Just go to our website” which has very general information. I asked what their purpose is then. So I get this letter in the mail asking for money to join them, and how I can get access to their hot line if I join. Why should I? If I have a question, I can post it here, and have people who actually have diabetes tell me what their experiences were.

I won’t contribute to them. They should be educating doctors and INSURANCE companies about diabetes, so we don’t have to fight so hard to get the care we need!!

I agree with you Twixcookie,members on this site have the experience and information about diabetes that make this community a reference for diabetics.I think curriculum at schools have to have the basic information about common health problems from early on. In Saudi Arabia,department of school health is discussing this issue.The information has to be basic and not leading to confusion…

I know in private school our youngest had a pretty extensive health and environment studies. I am not sure about public. They learned about diabetes which was easy for my daughter to ace that one cause of me plus other top illnesses. They even got into genetic disorders. It was a required class. They had options to study further but those classes were elected ones. The environment class was separate however in the health class they learned about health and environment causes of ill health. I thought it was cool with my illnesses and the fact that her dad my DH works in green energy we had her covered :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda like cheating :slight_smile:

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I absolutely agree! People nowadays are so ignorant about these illnesses that they don’t end up helping people, but just end up putting the blame on them. Sohair is right, the key word is AWARENESS.