Kids 'n' Us: Families Facing Diabetes Conference 2016

Wow, its that time of year again and our 27th annual Kids ‘n’ Us Conference: Families Facing Diabetes will be held on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta at the Chateau Louis Conference Centre.

We will have a special guest speaker Dr. James Shapiro, who has an active experimental laboratory working on improving long term survival of transplanted islets, and in immunomodulation of transplanted tissues. He is currently working on improving stem cell transplantation for clinical trial and experimental preclinical studies.

This one day conference is for everyone who is involved in the care of a child with T1 Diabetes together with your children who have T1 Diabetes and their siblings and friends!

You will also have a chance to browse through our sponsor/vendor displays to see all the gadgets and devices out there to help in caring for your child!

Attendance keeps on increasing and we have attendees not only from Alberta, but also from N.W.T., Saskatchewan and British Columbia. We have limited capacity so early registration is advised! We also have early bird registration discounts this year!

More information on registration and the break outs sessions can be found on our website -

This sounds fantastic! we had Joe here a couple years ago for a live event, here’s the video of that interview

I’ve probably watched or listened to this video 10 times. He really speaks to me.

Wish I had the time and funds to attend! My daughter and I could benefit a great deal from a conference like this…

i know my mom will like to go with me. but all her money is going in to college for me. which makes me feel bad.