Conferences this year?

Do we have any big diabetes conferences this year that any of you are going to and could recommend? I’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t had the time until now…meaning starting in May.

I went to this conference last year and found it valuable and entertaining. I plan to attend this August, too. It’s a pricey proposition but it’s still worth it for me.

I’ve always wanted to attend the Friends for Life, Children With Diabetes conference held annually in Orlando in July. Adults are welcome at this event, too. No plans yet for this conference, maybe next year.

I think it would be fun to attend the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions, annually held in June. That’s a massive conference that hosts tens of thousands of conferees, mostly medical practitioners and researchers. I wonder if they’ve done anything to feature the patient voice at this meeting.

Meeting face-to-face with other people with diabetes enlightens and provides an inspiring resonance. I encourage everyone to do this, even if it’s a one-day TCOYD conference that this organization holds in many cities across the US.

Another great event to attend is one that features Stephen Ponder, Sugar Surfing author, pediatric endocrinologist and long-term T1D. He conducts several of these each year and has even travelled to the UK.


Here’s the Sugar Surfing website.

I went to the ConnecT1D conference a few years back and found it informative and entertaining. This is a Seattle area group but does attract people from around the country. It’s a more intimate meeting with a beautiful waterfront setting. One of our TuD members, @MayaK is well connected with this gorup.


Of the various ones I have attended AADE is the best.

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Here is 2019 schedule for TCOYD. I may be attending one of them this year. Locations vary.

TCOYD 2019 Schedule


@MM1 TCOYD is my yearly rah rah cheerleader conference that I attend. I find it helps me to focus on the upcoming year and gives me a sense of well being without all the Overlord doom and gloom. I also like to drag along a newly diagnosed friend or workmate every year. I pay for both and encourage them to have a good time and soak up as much info as possible since it’s still a new overwhelming thing for them.


@El_Ver @MM1 Thanks for the tip…I’m putting Missoula on my calendar (Sept 7). The agenda looks like it would be a great experience.

Is a TCOYD conference going to be a good one to have my spouse (wife) attend with me? Or do you think it would get too far down in the weeds and bore her? I realize you don’t know her but my experience has been she understands the big picture of Type 1 and cares a lot about the details but some of the details I stress out about are a little remote unless you live with them.

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@John58 My spouse who has become over the years the Diabetes Police is going this year. There are many many spouses and parents there and there are usually segments aimed specifically at them instead of the usual type 1 or type 2 focused info.

The morning and afternoon group session usually has something for everyone, including spouses.

As an attendee you are not forced to take specific workshops. Take what interests you regardless of the focus (T1/T2).