LADA, Hypothyroidsm and Weight Loss

Greetings all. I am new to I have been diagnosed type 1 diabetic since 12-4-1981. I have always been extremely insulin resistant. I now believe that I am LADA. I have been dianosed with hypothyroidism for a little over a year. My A1c is at 6.8. I have been on the pump for about 15 years. I am about 5’7" and 228. Is there any recommended weight loss regiments that anyone has experienced with success?

Hi Faby and welcome to our little family!

I assume you know that it is critical that your thyroid be stable; if you are at all hypo you will be entirely unable to lose weight, especially with being insulin resistant. I did things in reverse; I had thyroid disease for many years and then got diagnosed with type 1 (LADA). I found that the diabetes threw my thyroid numbers off after being stable for many years and I check them regularly to make sure they are in range.

Thanks. I do not know much about hypothroidism. I just went in for a routine check up and was told that I needed to take the synthroid meds. My dose was just increased on Friday.

A classic symptom of Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune hypothyroidism) is weight gain. You may lose weight just by getting your thyroid meds correct! There are several weight loss groups here at, hopefully one will feel right to you. Best of luck!

Thanks for the update and encouragement!


I too am an LADA with Hypothyroidism (diagnosed with Diabetes in 96 and Hypothyroidism last year). My sugars would not come down no matter what I did, I was tired all the time, bloated, and was gaining lots of weight (40lbs since i quit smoking). I work at a hospital so I went down to the lab and had them do blood work. my TSH came back as super high and my Dr called me almost right away.

I was put on Levothyroxine in September and it has made quite a difference in how I feel but i too cant seem to drop the weight. I have jumped up in pant sizes and others have noticed that I have gained too. I am not the greatest in working out all the time but I am lucky enough to have a gym where I work.

I have been looking into Symlin to lower the amount of insulin i have been taking and to lower my appetite. I have been as high as 85 units a day but usually stay around 65. That is a lot of insulin and it does cause some weight gain. So I am hoping the combination of the Symlin, lowering the amount if insulin i take and bumping my workout to 5 times a week i will be on the right path.

best of luck to you!

Thanks for the encouragement! I take about 120 to 140 units a day. Ithe Symlin was offered but I was extremely reluctant to take it since I have the pump and managing three additional shots a day. After reading some of the information here, I may reconsider! I have gained about 11lbs in about 15 months. But I was also diagnosed with Vitamin D, folic acid, and b12 deficiency. Please let me know how Symlin works!