LADA Spurts and Stops?

Hi all

I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 nearly three years ago and figured out I was LADA about 15 months ago. Over the 15 months since I started using insulin my Basal and Bolus doses have risen slowly. My basal started out at 10 and has had a few bumps up, the most recent last month I kept having highs at bedtime and in between meals so I went up to 16 (8AM and 8PM). Then a couple weeks ago it started being low so I took it back down by steps to 13. This morning I woke up at 47!!! That was a scary number to me, wondering how low I'd gone during the night, so now I am down to 12. I haven't had this happen before, previously it just increased and stayed put. I have heard about the LADA fits and starts, with our bodies suddenly producing more insulin again. Has anyone else experienced this?


I think with 12 to 16 units of basal plus bolus you are not on the LADA side anymore. This is more looks like full grown T1 to me (your diagnosis was 2007). Of course the difference of 4 units is huge but these adaptations are happening to me too. What about the seasonal changes and their effect like more physical activity, rising temperatures, weight changes and so forth? This all influences our needs for basal insulin. Sometimes it is only a small adaptation phase where I need to increase my basal insulin by 2 units daily. Some weeks after the seasonal change I can switch back to the previous regiment. For example in my last holiday I needed 2 units more - despite the fact that I had more physical activity. In fact it was the activity that motivated my liver to dump more glucose per hour than usual. It is an ongoing process to stay on top of D.

Ah, I was thinking of it as a LADA thing, but you are right that I probably am not producing any of my own insulin anymore as my c-peptides a year ago were only .70 and .38 (two different labs). I still think of myself as LADA because was my etiology and explains my late onset (diagnosed at 58).

No major changes here. Weight the same, usual amount of activity, the weather…it’s the Bay Area, we think it’s a big deal if it’s 5 degrees difference…lol.

I didn’t realize that regular Type 1’s have to vary their basals as well as LADAs. Silly of me I guess (or wishful thinking that I’d stop producing any of my own insulin and then have steady numbers and doses!)

I am diagnosed as type 2 and I go through spurts and stops. Usually this happens when I have a medication change. I talked about my latest adventure here ( I will basically become almost non-diabetic for a short period of time. I certainly think that everyone has variations in their glucose uptake demands as well as their insulin resistance and basal needs. But I think that many diabetics that still produce insulin still go through periods of ups and downs in their insulin production.