LADAs - How Much Variation in Numbers?

Hi all

I’m relatively new to all this, misdiagnosed Type 2 in 7/07, started insulin in February this year and figured out I was LADA sometime in April. I’ve got my I:C ratios down to a pretty close range (1:10, 1:12, 1:17) but still notice a distinct variation in my numbers every few days. About 3 weeks ago I was at the beach for a few days had a dramatic fluctuation (I ate ravioli and didn’t bolus and came out low!!), but that was probably due to the hotter weather. But since then I still find a few days where I’m running on the low side, even with lowering my basal by a point, then I go back to normal or a tad high.

Looking at your period of time as LADA on basal/bolus have you seen distinct periods of fluctuation? Dramatic or small? How long did they last?

This is the way it is for everyone. It’s a very inexact science, or we’d all have good numbers consistently:) I’ve eaten the same exact meal, at the same time with the same dose & had widely varying numbers. There are so many factors besides food/insulin/activity level that we can’t control.

I definitely have this. I think our pancreases sometimes work in fits and starts. I’ve been d/xed for over a year, and, after honeymoon kicked fully in, have been on anywhere from 1-12u Lantus (1x daily) and 0-3u Humalog.

– Dov

So you guys alter your basal and your I:C ratios to match these fluctuations or are you still in target range so you don’t change things?

I’m thinking that maybe LADA’s have more variation than even the normal Type 1, Gerri, because our pancreas is still putting out insulin in spurts.

Could very well be. I’m LADA & think my pancreas is kaput.

RIP? LOL. Have you noticed that your numbers are more stable than they were before and that you consistently need more insulin? Is that how you know your pancreas is kaput or is it by c-peptide?