Well it’s official, I’ve finally managed to get my diabetes counselor to get me tested for GAD and C-peptide… and guess what?? I’m not a thin type 2, I am definitely a LADA! My C-peptide came back <0.5 and get this… the GAD test came back >30.0.

They’re now talking to me about going onto the pump… any advise on that would be much appreciated. So all this time while I’ve been telling the doctor that I have LADA, I was right… she is now going to have to admit defeat… lol.

Nearly finished my A.S in Medical Assisting, just one more quarter to go… I’m so pleased that I chose to pursue this for a career… perhaps now my doctor will listen to me a bit more because I do know what I’m talking about, even if she thinks I don’t!

Denise. xx

Don’t tell anyone this, but I’m convinced that there IS no such thing as a “thin type 2.” I think we’re eventually going to find that everybody who we thought was “thin-type-2” has slow-moving LADA.

You know I think you’re right Frances.