Remember those scalpel-like lances they used to use in the doctor’s office to take a BG sample? Comes in a single-use little package, and the thing looks like a small Xacto knife blade – vaguely. No actuator, the nurse just holds your finger and jabs it with the little torture blade. Smiling evilly.

Haven’t seen one in a long, long time. Yesterday at urgent care, I had that great old experience. I asked the nurse if they also had some leeches to help me get over whatever I’m fighting.

At least she laughed!

Man we’ve come a long way with 33 ga. lances that have multi-beveled points for added comfort. When I hear new diabetics complain about the pain of lancing, I’m strongly compelled to tell them about how I walked to school and back barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways :grin:


The first time the nurse at my GP’s office tested my BG in the office - ostensibly to teach me about testing myself - she used one of those blades!! She also chose the middle of my thumb from which to take the sample. I felt sympathetic pain in all ten fingers at that time! Actually set me back – was around two months after that that I finally agreed to test my own BG at home!

When my mother was in the hospital (several, actually), they were using individually-wrapped, spring-loaded one-time-use lancing devices, which were essentially what we all use now – and MUCH more comfortable!

You should ahve looked around; they may have had a mercury sphygmomanometer in the corner. When I was first diagnosed, we couldn’t do blood tests in the dr’s office. They had to take a few ccs and send them off to a lab. When the first blood glucose meters came out was the first time I could remember using a lancet, and it wasn’t much different from the ones supplied today, maybe a little thicker But then I started with 25ga. needles. We had a lancet in the high school science lab. I don’t know who used it, or for what, but a friend of mine used to crank the blade out to about a centimetre, and offer to take your blood. He would, of course, “accidentally” trigger the thing before he put it against a finger.

Yeah, Dave, I remember, 10 miles in the snow, in my father’s pajamas, the wind in my face both ways, carrying a club to ward off wolverines.


Isn’t Lancing a town in Michigan?


Yes. It was named “Lansing” because it is the birthplace of the first person diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. :wink:

Isn’t the diabetes hall of fame located there?

Right again!

You guys know the story of how “Human” and “felled tree” came to be “Humalog”?

No, brother Dave, pray tell us how that came to be.

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