Lantus and testing sites

Been on Lantus for 6 months now, and humalog almost a or three injections a day. Blood sugar testing is at least three more like 4 - 5 tests a day....that's a lot of needles and a lot of poking, When I first started testing I used the two middle fingers on my left after 16 years they are pretty tough with callus'. Okay so went to my thumb....that gets me what I need pretty quick. But I'm not going to rely on this finger for testing for 20 years either. Used my palm when all else fails....but other sites? Where do you draw from?

Then there is the Lantus and humalog. I use my stomach as I was taught, but with l lantus and possibly 4 humalog injections a day.....I do run out of stomach. I have a ring of tough fat around my middle, that will bend the needles when I inject there, never quite sure it gets there. So I have to go higher or lower. My arms aren't long enough to use the back of my arm to reach.....I haven't tried my leg yet, because I seem to remember NOT to inject into your muscle ( or did I dream that UP)

Would love to have in put on where you test and where you inkect your insulin

I use the "sides" of the pads on my fingers, still where I have a fingerprint, I don't use the tips of my fingers. I can get two comfortable tests per side of each finger. One hand per day basically.
Have you looked into the 6mm "nano" needles BD sells? I am on a pump now but I used the nano's for 2 years. I used mainly my abdomen but I went all the way out to my spare tires. I tried on my haunches a few times but I'm just not that flexible.