Lantus Injection Site

What is your most used injection site? Or… Do you vary location each time? Some say, if you inject in your stomach the Lantus may take effect faster, as opposed to the leg, etc.
Yvonne C.

i think in general when injecting insulin in your stomach it works faster (than legs or arms)

my most used injection site (for the lantus) is my arms

I usually use my leg for the lantus just because my tummy seems to be more sensitive to the burning

I usually inject in the leg, but it becomes irritated at the injection site for a few days.

I always use my left leg, since lantus and novorapid shouldn’t be mixed, I like novorapid to work rapid :wink:

Yes, I hear you can inject in your abdomen. My doctor told me when injecting the insulin into the stomach it kicks in faster. I have not tried the abdomen area yet.

I inject in my stomach area. I use Lantus and Novolog. I change the side every day. So today I injected on my right side with Lantus and Novolog on the left. I’ve been doing this since I was Diagnosed in Jan 09. I’ve had no issues at all other than the occasional burning feeling. But it really doesn’t bother me. My CDE actually told me this is how to do it. Said I could use my legs or arms but that you can burn through the insulin faster in those areas. Books I’ve read agree with what she said as well.

Yes, I was told Lantus works faster from the stomach. I too have to alternate sites in my legs or else it may become irritated.

Upper Leg/Thigh for lantus, usually abdomen for Humalog…

I try to use a different spot and alternate legs for my morning/night… At least i dont have to use my derriere for Lantus/Humalog… Trust me when i say the sting from a dose of lantus is MILD compared to some injectables…

Diabetes is just ONE of my bag of tricks ;(

I inject in my stomach mainly on the right as i have no feeling there ( i have a 9 inch scar from operation 12 years ago)

I also have a scar from surgery on my abdomen, but I was told that I should not inject anywhere near there because insulin is not absorbed well around the scar tissue. Do you notice any trouble with insulin working that is injected there?

My scar is under my breast bone (i think that its called) i inject near (not to close) to my belly button i am no wear near the scar i was also told to stay away from my scar. it burns like crazy on the lefted side of my stomach any tips on how i can get it not to burn if so i would inject there!


Do you inject your Lantus at room temperature? I always left my Lantus out of the fridge (and it stayed good for a month). Cold Lantus stings!!

I guess you need to be careful in the summer heat to make sure that it doesn’t get too hot!

My lantus is out, in room temperture. i only injected myself once with cold insulin as i forgot to take my pen out of the fridge and i will NEVER do that again

I have plenty of “thunder” in my thighs,and areas on my “apple” tummy for site rotation.

belly only

I have always (since 1999) used one side on the lower abdomen for the Lantus. I use Novolin also, and inject in upper abdomen on the opposite side. The Diabetes Nurse consultant told me to switch injection sights daily because you form scar tissue at a site that you use a lot. Insulin does not absorb as fast on a scar site. I have two abdomen scars and numerous stretch scars from child bearing.

My aunt was also diabetic and she injected Lantus in her hip. She said if you lift up the leg of the hip you inject in, while standing, you can’t flinch and the insulin absorbs faster if you don’t. You also won’t have a sore spot if you don’t flinch. Lift your foot clear off the floor so that you are standing on one foot while injecting in the raised hip.

Yvonne, on a personal note: My initials are D.C. I named my 2nd daughter Yvonna, so your name hit a soft spot for me. LOL! (and yes, not a mistake, last letter is a not an e like yours) I did that so it would rhyme with my name, Donna. Her name is pronounced Yuh-vonna.

Donna in Ks.

This is interesting. I had never known about the site instruction - just never mixing them in the vial or syringe. Last night, however, when I injected both the Lantus and the Novolog (I use pens) about four to six inches apart in my abdomen (I was eating out at the time) my blood sugars rose steadily throughout the evening and night so that it was 176 this morning and before giving a booster shot of Novolog last night in the 200s. It was as if I had never given a shot of Lantus (I take one in the morning and one in the evening.) My BS went down until 2:30 and then started to rise from 110. I didn’t know why this happened as Lantus has always kept my BS steady in the past. You may have solved this mystery. Thanks.