Lantus / Apidra vs Lantus / Humalog

Hi, I recently had to change my treatment lLantus / Humalog by Lantus Apidra my question is:
- Should use the same dose of humalog with respect to the Apidra?
because I notice it does not do the same effect, that the Apidra does, I think I have a little high blood sugar using Humalog.
Thanks for your comments

You will likely find that while the dosing and timing is "roughly" similar, you will have differences. You will probably find that the Apidra works more rapidly than Humalog. You can adjust for this by injecting Humalog earlier, perhaps 15 minutes before a meal rather than at first bite. You may find that you need different dosing and have to adjust your ratios. Only through experimentation will you find what works for "you."

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As far as I'm aware, generally speaking Apidra is 'faster in and out' than Humalog (which is more like Novolog/NovoRapid in profile). Humalog's onset is usually slower, the peak slightly later and the tail quite a lot longer. People often find Apidra has finished working by around 3 hours, while Humalog ca still have a bit left to run between 4-6 hours.

You might need to alter injection timing - injecting a little earlier and leaving 15-30 minutes before eating. But you should consult with your clinic/doctor and do a bit of testing to make sure you don't drop into a hypo before the food gets going.

As ever Your Diabetes May Vary :)

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i saw my endo this morning and asked about Aprida (heard it's faster in and out) he said, they're all the same, aprida has not really been proven to be faster. I don't know...many on here using it say it is..but, he's convinced 'they're all the same'. kinda made me a bit angry because I wanted to try it, hoping/thinking it was quicker.

I have my apt with my endo in a couple of weeks, I think Im going to ask, I just simply dont like to wait. I tend to dose and eat hahaha. I def would like something faster in and faster out. I dont need insulin hanging around 4-6 hours later. Grrrrrr. I've tweaked my carb ratios now too. Running 3 of them and HOPING that will stop the hypos more.

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geez, i'm getting so frustrated. yeah, it's like I (we) just want to eat when I'm (we're) hungry, having to wait a frckin' hour when I'm high to eat or 30 minutes just to eat when BG's are normal. I spike too much too! I'm 174 right now. UGH! I want to just eat a d@mn cookie - was at Starbucks this morning...checked out some of their breads; 1 piece of pumpkin bread has over 70 carbs. I used to eat that every weekend, before I'd go hiking, without even a thought. Now, it's a frickin 3 units of insulin for a 21 gram cookie. My Endo was like "just eat..who cares that it takes 3 units, you need the calories." I don't like him! I don't actually see 3 units in a vial for a stupid cookie... I want a pump..! Bruises all over the few sites I have any fat to inject. Feeling just upset today, ya know. Sorry to hear about your hypos, I had some bad lows this weekend too, while sleeping, scared the crap out of me. Feel like crap, have the flu..has supposed to have major in-patient surgery tomorrow, which I and they don't want to do until I'm more stable and not sick. This whole pump thing is becoming a mess. I was scheduled to see a NEW Endo but was sick on Friday so I had to can't get in for a month. But they're trying to fit me in.

I'm not going back to that CDE who knows nothing about type 1 for my pump training, no way! And, if we want to try another alternative for our bolus, we should be able to do it. Many do say Aprida works faster.

I've just been dropping REALLY low and fast in the evening at dinner. Was 84 pre eating. Had this Marie Calander creamy Chicken 43 grams of carbs...and a Atkins chocolate protein bar...around 11 carbs after knocking off the high fiber. Plus sugar alcohol does NOT spike me. I changed my carb ratio to evening to 1:15. Grrrrr if I haven't dropped low AGAIN...down to 46...I dont need this crap hanging around for the next 4-6 hours and fighting being low. I mean crying out loud I only took 3.4 units for those carbs. Last night was just like this too...all night just on the low side and trying to keep from dropping. I ended up being around 125 before going to bed so I bolused for that because at that point I was drifting up. Woke up this morning at 188..Grrrrr but quickly came right down to 84 by the time I got around to eating. Im just annoyed now.

yikes..i don't subtract fiber anymore. i don't understand how and why I'm now at 1:8 for lunch/dinner and morning having to do 1:7...especially because I am very petite and only take 8 units of levemir and am told I'm incredibly insulin sensitive. Isn't there supposed to be some type of ratio, like a 50/40 split of bolus to basal. Maybe because I'm so small I'm more sensitive to carbs, that's what my endo told me. I don' t know?

Glad you changed your I:CR, that's a BAD are the Atkins bars, haven't tried them yet? Yeah, i hear ya...I hate those bad BG days too, it's like...whatever sometimes, ya know. Glad to hear you're staying on top of the lows though. I just posted this...but, everytime I'm too high..I'm thinkin...I'd rather be a bit high then too low..until I get a bad low. Hate all of this!

Watch things closely, like you're doing! I'm gonna GET aprida..I want to try it, if it works, then good, if it doesn't who cares, at least we tried.

Hey T1Gal, so sorry you have the flu. What is the deal with him with giving you a sample if he thinks its same, then its just a brand difference to him, so hand it over!! Son put on a new sensor yesterday morning and it pretty closely tracked the worst day we've had in months. We were stacking bolus after bolus and stayed in the 200s most of the day and overnight. For his pod change last night we put Novolog back in, but both of us knew the Apidra wasn't the issue, his insulin needs have changed and I been needing to work on his basal rates. Endo even said he should go up a bit a certain times, but she never suggests enough to get numbers where they should be. We will try again with Apidra when things are more consistent and I'm not carb guessing at holiday parties like yesterday, and food choices are a little cleaner. Oh, and about that waiting, it sucks, because I wait with him and we're both starving before he comes down. In the last 2 days, his 2-hour post-pranial BS reminder alert went off before he had ever taken a bite!, for 3 separate meals this happened! I'm going to work on his basal TODAY! As soon as get back from grocery store. Its going to be hard because he's been on vacation, nothing has a pattern! Wish me luck!
BTW, I forgot you're the one with upcoming surgery, glad they are not doing it til you feel better. :)

LOL its coming back up...I changed my CGM out today and it was showing me trucking along in the 70's. Only symtom I was having was my vision was getting a bit of black spots in front of it. I've tweaked my basal a bit too. I've got to change it up every few days, not much just a nudge up or down.

I dont USUALLY subtract for fiber but I do with the atkin's bars because other wise I'd be dosing for closer to 20 carbs. I think they say if its 6 grams of fiber or more you should subtract for fiber at least that's what I've heard. This particular one has 17 grams of carb...but 6 grams of fiber. Maybe for Atkin's for me I should just subtract the sugar alcohol too since it doesn't spike me. That would then put it down to about 2 grams of carbs...heheh I might have to play with that. But during the day I do ok bolusing for the 11 grams...Grrrrr stupid D.

My carb ration is now 1:10 for breakfast
1:12 for lunch and 1:15 for dinner. We'll see how that works.

THANKS, Emily! Well, crap...huh? Seems like you (we - he) get one - two good days then it all goes to 'pot' again, huh? Ah, what a good mama, waiting with him until he can eat, that's a true sport for ya. He's luck to have you! My insulin needs are increasing so fast too. As they say, honeymoons are nice while they last..indeed they ARE!

I hear ya with Endos, it's like...what are they supposed to do, really. I'm confused...they're so afraid to dose UP because they don't want us to go low (which I understand) but high numbers suck just as much. Then, it's somehow our fault or something. I agree, if one's basal isn't right, it messes up everything...yes, work on the basal, morning fasting..bedtime numbers, etc...I'm still doing that too.

Alert, alert...before eating, love technology, huh. That's the thing too, since i'm pissed today..ha, even our dang tools, technology, meters, CGMS aren't accurate..ugh!

Good luck, good luck! :)

Take all comments to experiment to heart. During a period when you know your Lantus is not changing you by peaking, you get yourself up to 190 mg/dL with no meal to interfere, and give yourself one unit. Start testing at 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min. Learn when it starts to act and write it down. Test again at one hour, 1.5 hr, 2 hr, 2.5 hr, Learn when it has a peak and when it stops acting and how far it drops you.
There is no other way.

hey's the aprida going..saw new endo today, got a sample vile, she doesn't care which one i use. so, should I go for it. how's your son doing? i was high this morning, gave correction, nothing..been around 180's ugh.!