What's your insulin type?

I am currently on Novolog but am intrested to hear how people who are on apidra are doing. I am intrested in apidra but not sure if it is that much of a difference from novolog.

I’m currently using Humalog and Humulin NPH. I use that together twice a day. I never heard of apidra and my doc never bought it up to me, so sorry I couldn’t help you out on that one.

I use NovoRapid and Lantus, giving 4+ injections a day. I know nothing about Apidra, sorry.

I pump novolog but the meal time flexibility of apidra (the ability to take it 15 minutes before or 20 minutes after eating) sounds great. Basically, from what I’ve read, the benefit of apidra over novolog would be the faster onset time, allowing you to avoid having to count carbs, bolus, then eat 15-20 minutes later.

Let us all know if you decide to switch, I’d be interested to hear how it works out for you!

I pump novolog NPH for me the apidra worked too fast.

I am on humalog, symlin and lantus

I currently use Novolog R with a MM pump with a CGMS. The CGMS very easily lets me see how fast my blood sugar spikes after eating. I think I will bring up the question of apidra with my Endo when I see him in mid-Sept.

Over the years, I’ve used most insulin varieties on the market today, including Regular, Humalog, Novolog/Novorapid, and Apidra, Lantus, NPH (both Novo and Lilly), as well as a number of varieties that are no longer sold including Lente, Semilente, and Ultralente. The only one I haven’t used is Levemir.

I will tell you that I found Apidra falls in between Humalog and Novolog in terms of speed (Humalog being the fastest, Novolog being irritatingly slow) and also has a duration of activity that falls somewhere in between. You might try the archives in the insulin-pumpers.org message board to be a useful collection of comments on this subject for both patients with type 1 and type 2 of all ages. Personally, I would say that I had better control with porcine insulin than I do with any synthetic variety in terms of glycemic control, variability and hypoglycemia signs, but since thats not currently an option unless you import it (some people have horrible allergic reactions to synthetic insulin, I met a woman who broke out in hives each time she used so-called “human” insulin) and got FDA approval to import animal insulin from abroad), but it does vary from one person to the next, so your mileage will vary!