Lantus Peak time?

hey does anyone know when Lantus peaks?.. like how many hours??

I thought it didn’t peak.

Basal isn’t supposed to peak, at least that’s what they tell us. When I was on Lantus, I think it did & it was kind of erratic for me. I’ve heard that Lantus actually starts working in about two hours, in case this helps with your question.

I hope you didn’t think I was being short, its just that I really have to do the ironing but I can’t bring myself to look at it, I love my life.

when I was on Lantus, it did peak on me…about 3-4 hrs. after inject and then I felt it would hit again about 7-8 hrs.??? I am now on Levemir, seems alot better for me, no early morning hypo’s lately.

Ironing??? What is that!!!

It doesn’t peak but different people experience different times when it dies down. Thats why some people take two shots, morning and night, instead of just one at night.

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I was always told it’s not suppose to peak but I get mine in the morning and it seems to work the hardest when I go to bed at night. I’m sure it’s different with everyone-just like everything else!

Now I know where little ironing boards come from!

The other reason for two separate basal doses is that it doesn’t last the amount of hours claimed, despite what the pharm company states.

thank you!

no offense taken josephine thank you!

robyn- thank you so much! ive been having the same thing going on. it’s weird though because it all the sudden started happening. maybe my chemistry has changed and my body is absorbing Lantus better.
I take Lantus at about 11p and then 2 hours later hitting low blood sugar (plus having residual low blood sugar from 2/3 hour workouts) and then waking up low in the morning.
now i know i’m not nuts thanks!
can you tell me a bit about Levemir??? and why you switched to it?

thanks emmy i’ll check it out!

yeah it’s like we’re chasing ghosts right? :slight_smile:

thanks everyone! i appreciate your feedback- ive been playing phone tag with my endocrinologist’s nurse for a week now and it’s nice to hear back so quick with more info!

Yep, Lantus peaks for me. Within 3-5 hours, my daily Lantus dose drops me about 30 pts.