Lantus question

I wanted to ask. Can you split your Lantus doses up to one in the morning and the half at night?

Yes I inject 20 units in the pm and 20 units in the early morning to help with the dawn phenomena.

Yup. It’s done all the time.

Just make sure you’ve told your doctor.


Great thanks! I will split the dose and see how it goes!

I have been told that it is best to have them 12 hours apart…but then just a few weeks ago when I was in to see the endo he said it really doesn’t matter as long as the times are consistant. I personally have found that splitting the dose really does help. However, I do take slightly less at night than in the morning.

I used split doses with Lantus. One after breakfast & one right before bed, so not 12 hours apart. I needed slightly more at night.

My old endo suggested this to help prevent some nighttime lows. My current endo told me not to (although I thought it worked well for me). The hard part with skipping doses is making sure you don’t forget to take both injections. I find I have a hard time adjusting to new routines sometimes.