Lantus users

People using lantus once a day, does anyone feel it causes weight gain? I am on a dose of 26 units each night and feel it contributes to fat around the stomach considering I have a reasonably good diet. Anyone feel the same way?

Yeah I was on Levemir in my honeymoon period a few years ago then I was told to switch to Lantus. It works well in regards to controlling my bloods through the night but it was the pouches of fat I was more concerned about. Thats good to hear and yeah I find eating a low carb diet helps. How do you find the pump? I was offered it recently but i don't fancy it, it seems more effort than injections?
Thanks for your reply :)

Weight game is a side affect of all insulins. Insulin by default for all humans causes hunger. With diabetes we tend to put more than enough insulin into our bodies at times during the day. The hunger leads to... yep, eating more and gaining weight.

I guess everyone is different. I use Lantus 40 units at bedtime. I lost sometime ago 56 pounds and I have kept it off 19 years so it does not affect my weight. I say MOVE MORE EAT LESS.

Haha, I'll keep that in mind then. Great so at least some weight gain is inevitable when taking insulin :/
thanks for the info :)

I was at my weight loss meeting today TOPS (TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY) and I lost 21.2 pounds. So as I said before we all react differently. Another thing that helps me is I keep a daily food journal. Use portion contrl.

Thats really good, well done! Yeah I see what you mean. I have heard people who keep a food journal find it really helpful so I might try that. Thanks

Yes, I'd say Lantus might affect my daughter more than Novolog as far as weight gain. She was on Lantus & Novolog pens initially, put on weight, then tried the pump, weight stabilized, then went back to pens & Lantus & she's put on a few more pounds. We battle her constant hunger. She takes 30 Lantus at night. Her weight is fine, but I wonder about the cycle of insulin/hunger/weight. It seems like we're missing some trick? But there's no way around it?? Hungry/Eat/Insulin/Hungry...and exercise doesn't affect the hunger, although it helps with blood sugar.

Yeah, my lantus dose varies from 26 to 30 depending on how much exercise but I'm now only taking 26 because I was starting to go low in the morning. Did your daughter not like the pump? Yeah, I haven't gained a lot its more of a pouch of some fat around the stomach which is difficult to shift! Yeah I am the same with regards to the hunger but just try not to eat

She used an Animas Ping pump for about 6 months & had a problem with insulin delivery in February that almost put her in DKA (blood sugar reached 500+). It was some kind of malfunction & I think it scared her & she hasn't used the pump since. She also didn't like being connected to it at all times & I think she feels more free with the insulin pens.