Today I started Insulin

This morning at 0800 I took my first 10 units of lantus. So, what am I in for? Expectations? Side affects? Tips?

I started off with 15 units of lantus two years ago, I take 50 units a day now, as well as a sliding scale of humalog. Does your doc have you monitoring your bg and increasing dosage?

Test and test, and take one day at a time and dont beat yourself up ! Educate yourself as much as possible and enjoy everyday . And, we are all here for you! good luck!

Starting at 10. Then increase by 2 units every 3 days until morning reading is 110 or lower. Also still on metformin and glyburide.

I am supposed to test at least first thing in morning and immeadiately pre or 2 hrs. after dinner.

Gotcha, The main tip i have for lantus is get plenty of exercise bc it can make a person prone to weight gain and to rotate your injection sites because it stings when you inject it, esp once you get to the larger dosages.

That is why I switched to Levemir.

Understand on the exercise. I was told it stings more when cold than at room temp. No probs. this am.

Stinging, weight gain or both?

both, I was on Lantus since it came out, many years. I am liking Levemir better for me.

That’s good advise. I found I never had any problems with Lantus stinging tho’. I think it’s due to my amounts of fat deposits . I used to take one dose at night - then in the end due to having low blood sugars at night/upon waking - my doctor had me split up my Lantus doseages - 10 in the morning and 8 at night.
So, how are your BG’s doing so far Isaac?

Robin what is levemir? Does it cause weight gain and is it for T2

Levemir is a long term insulin like lantus. I found no difference between lantus and levemir as far as weight gain goes. Total daily insulin consumption is more important.

I switched from Byetta to Levemir last Friday. My numbers were very high with Byetta and today (day3 on Levemir) my pre-lunch BG was 95.

I’m testing 5 tomes each day and keeping a strict food and BG log for when I go back to the Endo on the 4th. I’m currently at 10 units and have to add 1 unit each night until my fasting BG is at 120; 25 points from where I was this morning.

Not quite there yet but I will be in the same boat as you in the next few months. Did you get started on basal only for right now? I am currently reading “Think Like a Pancreas” and “Using Insulin” after being told about the two books multiple times on this forum and they are REALLY good!! Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!

When I was on Lantus the only time that I found it to sting was when it was cold, either because it was a new pen taken from the fridge or just because it was cool where I had to give myself an injection. I found that holding it in your hand for a little bit to bring it to room temperature helped a lot.