Is lantus supposed to burn and leave a bump? I take breaks every once and awhile from the pump so when im on shots the lantus burns and leaves a bump. Is this normal???

The burn is pretty normal, a lot of people experience that, I’m not sure about the bump, though. I don’t personally get a bump with lantus, but depending on how much you’re using, and how deep or shallow your injecting it, I could see it potentially leaving a bump, but I would expect that the bump would absorb after awhile. I would check in with your doctor about it, especially if it’s affecting your insulin absorption rate.

My tummy grease is a big bump. I don’t think the lantus makes it much bigger. LOL

More seriously. if you inject in cold it burns more than when room temperature.

bump caused by reaction to the acidity? you could try levemir pH friendly.

thx guys. i do 41 units of lantuas.