So I switched from my MiniMed pump and CGMS to Lantus and humalog this weekend after having a bad infection from the sensor and bleeding after taking out my infusion sets. What the heck - 9 years and nothing too bad has happened and then all of a sudden my stomach has been put through the ringer. So my doc switched me to taking 19 units of lantus at night to begin and she said that I may have to split the dose, depending on how my blood sugars react. I’ve heard some talk about this and about potentially needing a little more lantus than my total basal rates form my pump. Also, how does exercise effect Lantus? I’m so used to my bolus wizard on my pump but I’m trying to come up with a sliding scale for carbs and correction. Anyone know of a syringe that either has half units or quarter units? I’m used to 0.1 units with the pump.

Hi Kate,
I don’t think I have ever seen a syringe or a pen with a half or a quarter marking on it. If the way you are counting up your needs for the nisulin, and you get to a half unit or a quarter unit, just go on up to the next full unit line. With that small an amount it will be easy to correct. Just remember to write or log everything down and especially your readings and dosages. The Lantus will give you a long slow ride at night and good morning blood sugars. You may have to adjust the times you give your Humalog. Some of us do it before we eat and some after. Whichever is the best way for you will become easy to see. Don’t give up and don’t lose patience. I realize these may be silly words to say to you. after all you are such a serious athlete. I don’t watch my Lantus when i exercise, but I do watch my Humalog. Test before and after you work out. And good luck with your new regimen.

Hi Kate,
I don’t think I have ever seen a syringe or pen marked with a half or a quarter unit on it. I think if you count up a dosage of something and ahalf unit, just go on to the next unit up. Lantus is a pretty forgiving insulin. It will give you a long slow ride and a really nice morning reading. But some of us, like me, use a morning shot of Lantus for the day as well. I don’t split mine up, because I need too much. My dosages are different that i use for the night and the day, but they each give what I call my cruise control. I am glad you got the Humalog also. It has been the easiest one for me to get the readings that i want. It will probably take some adjustments to juggle the dosages up or down to find your correct rythm. as well as the times you give it. Don’t give up . I know it may be quite frustrating to find out which works which way, but I know you casn do it.

you may want to get a novojunior pen, they have half unit markings. don’t know if it works with humalog though. could you go from syringes to pens?

Kate, I used BD Ultra-Fine II syringes, which had half unit markings. Quarter unit is hard, but once my doctor recommended diluting my own insulin (with saline solution, I think), then it made measurement easier for small doses. So perhaps to have one vial of diluted insulin and another of full strength.

I never split my Lantus-- but i think that it would have solved a lot of my problems cause I need less insulin at night and more in the afternoon. So when you split it, it might be good to try to mimic your pump basal rates (not splitting the dose 50%-50%, but rather 60%-40% or 70%-30%). Lantus is tricky with exercise-- perhaps you can have your smaller Lantus dose most active when you exercise. I used to eat a banana without bolusing before running but I still needed to eat mid-run.
Best wishes as you readjust to a new routine!

Novopen only works with Novo-Nordisk products, so Novolog and Novolin-R regular, don’t know about a basal.