I took a double dose of lantus

Eighteen years of diabetes, eighteen years of taking shots, and for whatever reason, I accidentally took my nighttime shot of lantus twice! I realized it almost immediately after I injected it, and remembered I had taken it about 3 or 4 hours ago. I normally have a system of turning the syringes in my pack around to let me know when I’ve used it, and it’s worked for me this far. I just forgot to look this time. I went on automatic right before bed, and injected again.

It’s about 2pm, and so far today, I’ve not needed any Humalog. I’ve been testing frequently, and everytime I am below 100, I eat something. I’m scared that I will drop too low quickly, and I won’t be able to consume enough fast enough to keep my blood sugar up. I take 16 units every night, and I know when I was still adjusting that just a 2 unit change can make a big difference, so I really don’t know what a double effect will have.

Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone have any advice other than keep checking and eating?

Hi Tracee,

I have been wearing a pump for 24 years…don’t know much about shots anymore. Have you called your doctor? I think as long as you keep a check on it every hour or so you should be okay. How long does Lantus stay active I know it is supposed to regulate you more like an insuling pump does without a huge peak. Let me know how you do…I would not drive or anything for a while. It would be terrible to drop too low.

Hope everything works okay for ya,

I’ve done this, I freaked out a little too. If you keep eating and it stays below 100 than don’t take any Humalog…no brainer. Like you said keep checking and eating…that’s about all you can do.

You’ll be fine :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know for sure if I’ve done that (I don’t THINK I have, but there are plenty of times I asked myself “did I take my Lantus tonight yet?”)

Are you only taking it once a day? My doc split me on two Lantus injections; 10pm and 7am - the goal was to help with some of the overnight problems. Did it help? I’m not sure, but at least if I accidentally doubled up, I didn’t truly DOUBLE my daily dose.

Like Dino said, just keep an eye on your blood sugar. And remember, a unit is a unit, no matter what type of insulin it is. So if you took an extra 16 units of Lantus and are taking no Humalog, you should (in theory) be eating 16 units worth of carbs for the day. Try to go heavy on the proteins and fats; it’ll tend to smooth out the more severe swings.

Although I have never taken a double dose (yet) I had to half my dose because I substantially dropped my carb/ bolus intake. What I found was happening to me was just like you describe, I would slowly drop throughout the day, nothing major for me to worry about, but I did have to keep on top of it. Good Luck.

Hi Tracey,
I have accidentally taken my shot of Humalog in the dosage of Lantus that i use. That was truly frightening. But what I want you to know is that i did fine. I was checking my blood sugar every 15 minutes for a while and drinking juice and soda (which tasted wonderful) and eating, but I don’t want to make that mistake again. I still don’t know how I managed to make that error, but am even more fanatical about being careful now. I also ate more protein and fats to help carry me through the night. I didn’t sleep very much that night, but got through just fine. I am sure you will too. Let us know how you are.

Hi everyone!
Well, I made it through just fine. Other than getting low every few hours and having to eat… which was a nice break from taking Humalog for the day!
Thanks for all the support! It helps to talk to people who have been through it!

Well…ya just mae me feel less like a dope…

Last Jan, out of town, 1200 miles from home I took a Lantus dose of Humalog by mistake. I had jsut finished the injection and went to lay the syring back down on the night stand…oops PURPLE CAP…HOLY COW BASAL MAN…I called a friend that lived in the area, told him what I did and to call me back in 2 hrs, and if I did not answer the phone to call 911. had to start injesting carbs galore pronto, took a file card listing what I had done, when and what I ate/when etc and placed it on teh night stand as well. Oh ya, my normal doses carb rations etc.

Thhis is a little more serious than a double dose of Lantus, but neither is anything to LOL at, unless you survive w/o taking a dive or meat-wagon ride. Well wehn I got bac and at my upcomming doc apt I asked to try a pen for the humalog, to AVOID that mistake, and so far so good.

Good thing I split my Lantus 17u AM and 17u PM, or it could have been much worse.

At home I get a fresh syringe for the AM shot, then place it in my med bag pocket sticking out, then when I take my evening Lantus I drop it in my sharps container (an apple juice bottle) so I KNOW I have taken it…

One very important thing is to KNOW your CarbRatio, then you can easily figure out how many carbs to eat to counter an insulin overdose.

(&( GOMER DM type-0 26+yrs (not a 1, 1.5 or 2) ,Kidney fucntion heading south…yuck

i almost did this but then it was a fluke… i couldnt fall aslleep thinking tht i could almost die lol but i was fine… sorry too scare you but this could really make you dip low…consider calling your physician… :slight_smile: