I was just wondering if anyone has gotten the lasik eye surgery done to improve vision. My dad got it done, and my brother is getting it done this week. But neither of them have diabetes. He says we may be able to use our insurance flex spending plan and get mine done in January. I’ll definitly talk to my endo before proceeding with this, but I was wondering if anyone has done it and how it went for them. Thanks!

I don’t know. My first ophthalmologist was one of those Lasik salesmen types who seemed to suggest it to everyone (advertised on local radio in Dallas and such). He told me he wasn’t comfortable doing Lasik on a Type 1 because it wasn’t worth the potential problems we have with scar tissue and healing. He also mentioned that fluctuating blood sugars change the eye shape enough that it might need to be redone at a future point.

But I don’t go to him anymore and don’t know my current ophthalmologist’s feelings on the subject. If your ophthalmologist and endo give you a green light, I’m sure it’s fine. Those would just be questions I might ask about: potential for problems healing and increased potential for future procedures.

Hopefully someone who has been through Lasik will give you good feedback here!

Thanks for your reply!! I’m glad to hear someone has done it and that it went so well for them! My eye doctor said I was a good canidate, but I’ll talk to my endo first.