Last minute travel advice?

So I leave Sunday for a grand European adventure. I am meeting friends in Belgium, then heading to Germany for a week, followed by two weeks at an archaeological dig in Bulgaria, then roaming around Turkey and Greece. I am super excited. It isn’t my first time abroad, I studied abroad in Turkey and Germany. But this is the first time I’m travelling a lot. So diabetes wise, here is my plan:

I bought a mini travel fridge (holds 6 vials) and 48 hour travel packs to keep my insulin cool
tons of pump supplies, and needles and lantis (just in case)
On my archaeological dig I am going to lower my basal to 30% at first because it’ll be hot and test frequently.
I bought a fanny pack (how cool will I be?) to keep my pump, glucagon, glucose tabs in, and the travel pack for my pump to keep it cool on the dig.
Wearing my medic alert bracelet
Keeping doctor’s note and email close at hand

Any other tips? Will anyone be in those countries this summer and be interested in meeting up?

Carly - Sounds like you’re pretty well set. When I travel - I bring along lots of Dex4’s as they seem to work fast for me. Also, when you get overseas - buying some juice boxes will be good as well - plus of course water. I know when I’m in a hot/humid climate I reduce my basal sometimes to 50% and like I noticed last week (wrote a blog about it today) - my carb ratio changed - I used less insulin. I was being more active then normal tho’ (am missing all the walking I did now - sigh - having a desk job sucks sometimes).

Oh and make sure you bring good sun protection (e.g. wide brimmed hat - long sleeved shirt that breathes). I don’t do well in the sun - maybe you’re different tho’.

Wish I could be packed in your suitcase - it sounds like quite the adventure with the archaelogical digging you’ll be doing! Hope you share picks and stories when you get back!

How about a loaner ( travel ) pump ? and batteries for pump and glucometers ( 2 meters) …some of the items same as if you were away from home in the US …and lots of EUROS, ha, ha !!!
Have FUN

When I’m hiking around for extended periods in hot climates, I will take along powdered gatorade to pour into my water bottle. Also, it may be too late for you, but I travel with the frio to keep my insulin cold. It’s made in England, so maybe you can pick one up in Europe? I had to order mine from their website. Have a great time!

Have a wonderful trip!!
I love the part about the dig, I did a short one when I went to Israel…
I am curious about the Travel Fridge…I will look them up on the 'puter.

We are traveling this summer for 2 months, but in the States, buy car. I am on the Omni Pod. We are taking a cooler with us so I can also bring along some food.