Late Night Eats

One of the few issues I have with MDI has to do with eating out late. I’m talking a regular carby restaurant meal one or two hours before bedtime.

Before I sleep my sugars will be fine (84 last night). I take my normal Lantus dose and wake up with the elevations (178 this morning, some mornings way higher).I can get it down quick, but then I know I spent much of the night and early morning with high sugars.

I know it’s gonna happen too, but I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t want to increase my Lantus dose because it could change my habits for the next day and increase my lows. I find that even a 10% increase in my dose can be very dramatic.

I understand that pumpers have more flexibility in this situation with dynamic basal rates, which is the biggest selling point for me to make the switch.

I’m pretty sure this is the biggest hurdle I have to reach my A1c goal. Any advice is appreciated, but I think I’m just gonna have to ditch the late night eats if I want to continue on MDI.

Dammit…and right after I discover Jack’s Taco Nachos. Bummer.

Hi Dino, have you heard of Dawn Phenomenon? Read this article. When I was on MDI’s every morning a had high BG. Now on pumping I have my pump set to deliver more insulin between 3am to 6am to have my BG on normal scale.


When I took Lantus while on MDI, I did it in the morning, before breakfast. That way, I didn’t need to eat anything too carby before I went to bed. I regularly woke up in the morning with mostly 60s but sometimes 50s.

Yeah, big meals close to bedtime (so you can’t test at 2 hours and correct) are killer for morning BGs. I had to cut back on large meals with lots of protein for the same reason.

Test and correct right before bed, or take less at the start of the meal, and test and give second dose before bed. “Dual wave bolus!” I do this at times when I count the carbs with my insulin pen.