Going high near bedtime

For some reason, I’ve been going ridiculously high towards bedtime the last few days.

8/21 11:15pm 211mg/dL
8/22 8:33pm 191 mg/dL
8/22 10:42pm 193mg/dL (even after a correction shot)
8/23 7:16pm 164mg/dL
8/24 9:25pm 191mg/dL

I’m taking my shots (1:15 carb ratio) and eating only what I measure for, so this is really confusing the heck out of me. I was thinking of either taking an extra unit with food near dinnertime or upping my Lantus dose by 2 or 3 units.

Do you guys have any input on what might be causing these crazy numbers?

A couple of things come to mind . . . do you take Lantus once a day? Before I was on a pump, I used Lantus and found that splitting it into two injections each day helped even out my BG.

Has your BG been high only at bedtime – and only for the past five days? Sometimes that’s been a signal that I’m coming down with something. First I’ll have BGs that are high at a specific time of day, then high all the time, then SICK. I joke with my doctor that high BGs are my early warning system. :slight_smile: Seriously, high BGs help me know when a cold has turned into a sinus infection.

Since going on the pump, my IC ratios are different at different times of the day. I need more insulin per carb in the morning, less from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm, then back up to my morning ratio for the rest of the day. Maybe something like that is going on for you, too. I never knew that my IC ratios SHOULD change before doing all the testing/adjusting when I started pumping.

Just some thoughts . . . hope you the right answers for YOU.


Hey Jonesy,

When I have consistently higher numbers for days in a row, I increase my bolus. I need to take more at dinner than for other meals.

Do you still have your job? Asking because wondering if your activity level has changed & this may be effecting your BG.

Since you’re pretty recently diagnosed, your honeymoon could be ending & your ratios may need to be changed. Seems that mine are changing all the time.

Depending on what your other readings are, your Lantus may be fine. If you’re ok during the rest of the day, upping the Lantus may cause lows. You can check basal by fasting for 4-6 hours & testing a lot. Drink a lot of water & don’t do anything strenuous. If numbers stay level, your Lantus dose is correct.