Lavacakes ahoy

yes i’m finally being a good diabetic… i don’t want to sound overly proud about it, because i still want and do eat my fave fast food… i just account for it now :D. I am staying away from sweets, i’m saving those for the lows (shudder).

I guess what got me is i was sick of wasting my time and my docs time and i was sick of feeling sick, so i jumped head first the day after my doc appt.

It’s really not as hard as i’ve been making it out to be these last couple of months (loads of months), the doing part is the easy part now for me, it’s like second nature now when i think of eating.

I guess the hard part will be continuing and dealing with the curve balls (god forbid i start exercising just yet!).

The thing that really got me is what my doc said about lantus, he said if i don’t eat all day my sugar should be the same. So now i’m less strict about when i eat, and i’ve learned that alot of times i ate when i was perfectly full just because my sugar was leveling out.

So far my ratio is about 4:10, that’s four units for every ten carbs. On top of that i take 40 units of levimir at night.

My eating is sub par at the moment because i’m to lazy to grocery shop, but i make sure i take the correct amount of insulin for whatever i’m eating no matter where.Thats how i started checking my sugar, is just making myself count the carbs and take the right medicine right then and there. I used my wavesense blood sugar application, to keep my results on hand. But since my doc doesn’t do email… he wasn’t impressed with my device so next time i’ll have to manually write
them out (grr). My standard deviation is: 80

I kinda like just eating three meals a day, maybe a snack before bed. I was going crazy eating 3 meals and snacks a day, i felt like a pig! I hope i can distinguish between when i’m actually hungry and when i’m not… and i hope to start eating a little bit better. But you better believe i’m still spontaneous, so you better hide your cookies cuz i might just steal them…

I’m not incredibly proud of it… but i’m not ashamed… i’ve been put on antidepressants… i think they’re really helping… my thinking is better and i actually care a little bit more about taking care of myself. I’m not as sad anymore, but don’t get me wrong i can still get emotional just more for the right reason now.(missing my hubby)

back on the diabetic wagon, unless dominos lavacakes find their way around me…

shout out to robyn my fellow chocolate conspirator!

Way to go, girl! You should be proud. Takes moxie to stare in the face & change. The thinking about it is usually worse than doing it, whatever the “it” happens to be.

Glad you’re feeling better!

Agree that the snacking we’re told to do is nuts. Eat the right foods & no one should need to be munching all day in between meals. It’s a throwback to the days of not matching insulin to food & docs worrying we’d crash from lows.

You sure about the 4:10 ratio? It’s 1:10, 1:15 or whatever. If you’re taking 4 units for every 10 carbs, that’s quite a lot. If you eat 40 carbs for example, do you take 16 units of insulin?

OOOOOO my sweetie! I just knew you would get back on that wagon! I am SO,SO proud of you.
You have a fighting spirit and determination galore, you will do great. Yes, I have been a very good girl with the chocolate…I do eat it whenever my bloodsugar will allow it. I swear when I am cured, I will BATHE in it. :wink:

I was thinking the same as Gerri…are you sure about the 4:10 ratio?

Hey Domo,

I couldn’t leave a comment on your page. Must be more of the problems other people have mentioned.

Just got a little worried because it sounded high. Meds sure do change things. I take thyroid meds & they’ve just about doubled my insulin.

Be well & keep those lavacakes away:) Hmmm, chocolate. Life without chocolate isn’t worth living.

Yeah, my ratio is 1:20 right now.

There with the curve ball. Type 1 at 52, go figure. So glad you’re doing good.